We Tried To Find The Best Breakfast Burrito In LA

We Tried To Find The Best Breakfast Burrito In LA
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  1. daniel Garambullo says

    Didn’t even go the nest on in Los Angeles 🤦‍♂️

  2. Sector 019 says

    I’m confused..I didn’t see no man in the video

  3. Cess Buller says

    Best breakfast burrito is in el Segundo

  4. Anime Lover says

    How is it vegetarian if it has egg it's a chick 🐣

  5. Ganesh Pandit says

    Nick is like transgender

  6. Koyrul Abedin says

    Okay now she's annoying.

  7. zama s says

    homestate…. nah

  8. Chris P. Bacon says

    Fucking hate these people. How the hell you content leads/producers and shoot the whole video in portrait?? WTF is wrong with you??


  9. Jaylynxsymoneee Millet says

    I am craving for one now like really 😋😋

  10. shadowrenamon1 says

    voices are annoying asf like OH MY GAWD GURL stfu please

  11. James James says

    Alberto's in Covina on Azusa and Cypress is the best breakfast burrito I've ever had!

  12. Johnny Ortiz says

    this guy is too ugly to be with this beautiful mexican girl. fax aye girl if you see this comment dont mess up your beautiful mexican bloodline with a black guy. your too fine for that. we wanna see more beautiful latinas like you around not ugly black girls.

  13. 16647 says

    NOT L.A Hipster Fag Shit!

  14. Yonas Abebe says

    That little chick eat more than her size….wow.

  15. Penny says

    You fucked up big time. Just go down to San Diego and you’ll have trouble finding any burrito that’s under 8/10.

  16. Kyle Dilbert says

    I never knew Louisiana had good breakfast burritos.

  17. Katie Cromwell says

    Look in fresno for the tastiest pizza!

  18. Birdy489 says

    Can say tortilla right, but not chorizo….. wow

  19. Gen_Z Avocado says

    Please do more The Best or The Tastiest I've Ever series!!!❤ I want more of this!! I'll travel to LA just for the food!

  20. JFK VJ says

    i don’t like how this was filmed DO BETTER BUZZFEED

  21. Tubebrerry says

    I'm pretty sure serving or eating a burrito with mushrooms and leafy greens could get you beat up in some parts of L.A.

  22. oscar p says

    1:58 wtf was that

  23. Rob C says

    No wonder girl's so thick, she be eating all that cheese.

  24. 0swaldTheLuckyRabbit says

    sad. Just ridiculous!

  25. Noam Metivier says

    Where tf is lucky boys

  26. zSuede says

    Delete your channel now

  27. Affan Ismail says

    Who is in 2028

    Bright side: people who time traveled

  28. sawa139 says

    Nick: I'm kinda basic
    Me: you a damn lie

  29. Nour Hossam says

    This looks like an insider video

  30. James Mitchell says

    Poly burgers in long Beach hands down most fire breakfast burrito

  31. a Cadeia says

    s/o @dlvpz

  32. Anthony Villalobos says

    It’s 30 min outside of downtown LA in a city called Newhall, but YOU MUST TRY THE BREAKFAST BURRITO FROM A RESTAURANT CALLED JIMMY DEANS (no relation to the frozen food company of the same name). It is by far the best breakfast burrito in the world. There is no comparison. Also, you MUST use their house made ranch and tapatio to complete the experience

  33. Jay Pham says

    I can feel the gayness radiating from the screen

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