We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty
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  1. I took a chonce, stob it says

    Them making the sauce and bantering was the most old married couple thing i have ever seen in my life
    “Put a little relish in?”
    “Yes i know you’re so excited about the r e l i s h”
    “Well YOU don’t like pickles”
    “I don’t like pickles but I will accept a little relish.”

  2. Mark Wonder says

    Chunk of garbage, it makes me isssshhhhh.

  3. FastLifeEntTV says

    You, who read this comment…

    🚨 I AM VEGAN 🚨 and go watch right now the videoclip of "La Niña:" https://youtu.be/FtFGS0Gi6xA

  4. Nightmear Wolf says

    food horror story for ya:
    One time I was at my cheap uncle's house, he hated spending more money then he needed, so for the barbeque that was happening the next day, he bought some cheap ass burger patties that definitely was not real meat.

    So I got there at the barbeque and got a burger, bit into the burger..and I felt something hard.
    So with a twisted, confused expression, I turn around and dig through the pile of mushy fake meat, and low and behold..I found a fucking twist tie within the meat.
    I was mortified.
    To say the least that was the last time I ever ate any of their 'food'

  5. Reinielle 1 says

    I hate myself for watching these kind of videos while my stomach is empty… I'm drooling, I'm hungry, my stomach is growling at me… Literally

  6. Lisya Thio says

    splurt *bun thwacking sfx

  7. D Z says

    I hate her face

  8. Karen Bailon says

    did they not let alvin taste this????

  9. Karen Bailon says

    wait they made adam say things!! that's an achievement 😂😂😂

  10. Timy K says

    I don't understand why does nikki keep saying that she is upset by a lot of things? Am I missing something?

  11. nickolai bernar says

    if its not real beef its not a burger.

  12. Kelsey 23 says

    Why dont they just rehire niki if there gonna keep putting her in vids! Also why are there like 3 different buzzfeed series about big food like what

  13. Olivia says

    She’s extremely annoying

  14. TazTalksYouListen says

    07:40 – First spotted in Worth It, the alien growing out of Andrew's neck has me a little nervous.

  15. Felicia Felicia says

    If McDonald's made an impossible big mac, this would be it

  16. Jared From subway says


  17. Boo3338 says

    12:12 was my fav

  18. Ryan Hathorn says

    Me after they said they were using fake meat:

    Ight, Imma head out.

  19. Edsel Mapili says


  20. SpookySoap says

    so a tasty video where they do the same thing as another tasty video and watch said video for reference
    Cool, why?

  21. D29 John says

    Ok why didn’t they bring Alvin

  22. Husku _ says

    And this is why I think buzzed would be an exciting job I mean your just doing work and then you are called into a room to eat a GIANT BURGER

  23. yeahdontknow57 says

    Where is the mustard in that burger sauce!!???!

  24. Lindsay says

    What is the song played at the end, epilogue with friends?

  25. Weed Wilson says

    Rie's my best friend

    Steven left the room

  26. Indigo Wendigo says

    No offense, but I don't think I like this girl very much. ._. Why is she complaining so much before they even eat the burger…?

  27. Jainaba Njie says

    Andrew: goes for a bite
    Burger: you only get 🥬

  28. Lemon Bee says

    Nikki and Andrew: this is a no-meat burger, this is vegan friendly
    Andrew: our glorious cheese, American cheese, the fines cheese

  29. Ludwig Van Beethoven says

    so buzzfeed made a video about making a big burger then they made another video of them remaking the same burger they produced before w0w

  30. Gracie says

    I love watching these when I myself am eating a burger that could kill me

  31. Paije Montoya says

    You should make black garlic.

  32. trap Phoenix music says

    The midde lady in the thumb nail is me trying to smile in a group photo

  33. Adrian says

    That oh wow was the loudest I’ve heard Adam

  34. Amina Shah says

    So everyone is going to just ignore that rie was crying??? But why

  35. David Vilchez says

    Rie is the fucking best, her laugh is everything.

  36. Lorin Chak says

    Episode: Exists

    Alvin and Steven: Are we a joke to you?

  37. Da Gey Squad says

    look how tasty recycles their videos

  38. Bethany Daniels says

    American cheese has no business on a true burger you animals 🐯🦄🦌🐲

  39. toby_belize says

    6:11 that’s what she said

  40. Thomas Jevyak says

    Dumb as fuck it taste like a acually burger. It is the only diff is its really big. Why the fuck wouldnt it taste good fools. Bunch of 2000 baby's

  41. Keira Bobbitt says

    Tell me why I was like “..why don’t they just…. find big things to make it with?” I’m so stupid

  42. x3mb6bies says

    Buzzfeed is just throwing Rie into every video cuz they know we love her… not complianing tho

  43. Pauline DuLacy says

    i love all the crying

  44. Suga Kookies And Tae Lover says

    Tiffany the plant what are you doing on tastyy

  45. Yue Lin Wang says

    Nikki where is Home Buddies? ( It is another series if you did not know )

  46. browneyedgal says

    It's a food channel she's cooking Food why she makes disgusted faces towards everything.
    Makes the whole video weird

  47. K1llerB333 says

    Uh persona 5?

  48. sheena says

    Why are they wearing gloves for non meat?

  49. María Ochoa says

    It feels a bit like you're running out of ideas or tooting your own horn when the "viral video" you recreate comes from your own channel. Though I guess with the exception of the timpano they all came from tasty affiliates.

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