We Try Styling Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We Try Styling Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Can we make ugly Christmas sweaters fashionable? Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

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  1. Anindita Batrisya says

    Where theres merle theres aria

  2. cara m says

    10:30 fan service

  3. JezzaBear says

    OMG the way Merle pranced to Aria when she saw him outside 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Angela Pro says

    Ppffffttt.. buzzfeed being its snowflake self… white SHADED (SHADED… NOTED THE WORD SHADED… ILL SEND YOU A COLORING BOOK FOR YOUR SAFE SPACE IF NEEDED) white shaded people were given the ugliest pieces… like no… all three get the same horrid sht … then rate

  5. Aniho Chishi says

    Omgggg Merle and Aria warms my heart♥️♥️♥️

  6. Neha D says

    Aria and Merle are lowkey killing me with their lowkey flirting uhhhhh

  7. Candy James says

    Meryl and aria

  8. jamo says

    Jasmine is so sweet! she deserves more love in these comments, what a cutie 🙂

  9. Rosan de Bie says

    I dont know if anyone will read this but I absolutely love Merle's necklace, if anyone knows where to buy it: let me know :))

  10. Iria Alonso says

    Loved the Merlia/Arle moment!!

  11. Quennette Kirkconnell says

    merle and aria i- i love i L O V E

  12. eunice Kurniawan says

    essence is so gorgeous that i feel like she’s cheating.

  13. Anja says

    The way Jasmine styled her sweater screams California. A short shirt and sandals? Not gonna happen in Minnesota

  14. kirrahasariddle says

    "How am I gonna be like Rihanna?"
    a question we should all ask ourselves

  15. Jessica Koo says

    Every single buzzfeed video = Merle and aria

  16. Trang Pham says

    i love essence, she's so classy and gentle

  17. Christopher Barrios says

    Omg my fav part❤️😂 10:28 I ship for sure😂

  18. ProPeace2014 says

    essence is so CUTEEEEEEE omg adorable

  19. Grach Salimbacod says

    Essence can lull me to sleep. she's so calm. omg

  20. Alyssa Garcia says

    Okay I actually am OBSESSED with Christmas, and I can’t handle Merles negativity towards being extra during Christmas time. I AM SO EXTRA WHEN IT COMES TO CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!! 😫❤️

  21. Grach Salimbacod says

    jasmine is so cute

  22. maxien87 says

    Jasmine is so cute! loved her styling commentary.

  23. Christina Marie Moneda says

    9:48 Merle and Aria 😍

  24. jerica611 says

    Is she wearing alex Ernst merch!?

  25. Vidya Bk says

    Essence has an awesome style… she made that sweater look amazing!

  26. Online Pundit says

    TBH at this point I just keep dragging Merle videos forward to see what time Aria is gonna pop up and vice versa, because those are the only parts that like..matter.

  27. Morgan Harrison says

    All of them are beautiful but I never see essence in videos, atleast not often, but jeez she looks like a goddess!

  28. Siti Murshidah says

    Let's be honest some of us click this video because we see merle n knw that in just a little bit, we will definitely see merle n aria action lol 😁😁😁😁

  29. Alex Compton says

    Its okay Merle, I'm a kind of Christmas Grinch too. I don't dislike Christmas. Its just too much for me. Too cheesy. Haha 😉

  30. Kristy says

    im loving this merle and aria thing going on in all the buzzfeed videos

  31. Jewella Calpito says

    the whole buzzfeed office just be shippin for fun now 😂

  32. Hannah Bero says

    Bruh Aria and Merle need to stop playing and just date.

  33. Haley McGrady says

    They definitely favored Essence in this video

  34. Punesha Sankar says

    Gosh, Essence is gorgeous and those purple lips! Wow 😍

  35. Potassuim_Cation says

    I am a combination of Scrouge and the Grinch but Merle’s sweater makes my heart feel something warm in relation to Xmas 😳

  36. Sheena Honeycutt says

    I love the meet up with the love birds

  37. Serena Kazmi says

    There needs to be a video in which aria trys to make Christmas time really special for merle

  38. TaylorMadeMadness says

    Sees Merle. Clicks hoping theres more Merle/Aria content

  39. Shingo Narita says

    If I see Merle in the click bait, I know aria is gonna show up somewhere in the video. And Im all about it

  40. Merari Patino says

    10:18 “She always looks good no matter what she wears” ❤️ 😍🥰

  41. Megan Behrmann says

    I liked both versions , but thought the green sweater looked better unbuttoned and untucked

  42. EXOsPotato ᄉAM says

    Sees Merle..

    Me : Where's Aria???

  43. katelynn quartson says

    I don’t know why I clicked on the video and automatically assumed that aria will be in the video even though the title said sweaters. That’s how you know buzzfeed is really milking aria and Merle

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