Weeknight Pulled Chicken Tacos • Tasty

Weeknight Pulled Chicken Tacos • Tasty
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  1. AC says

    'spice mix'

  2. Hassna Assekour says

    Pain caike different au semoul yuummy

  3. Miss Lana. M. Hudson says

    Hmmmmmm looks yummy.. but it would have been nice if it had put a list of everything like the cheese, salsa, beans. We don't all know how to make Tacos the right way.

  4. Shaan says

    Onions 😷😷😷

  5. briannant says

    All of these looked amazing!

  6. ItsJustTech says

    This weeknight meal has more prep than most weekend meals.

  7. Chrissy H says

    I would just use a crockpot 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Yourworstnightmare Ever says

    thnks for the fillings.i’ll try make those for takoyaki parties with my little brother and his friends.i just won’t add cilantro.it smells like insects in the bio lab

  9. Vincenzo's Plate says

    Mmh, so taaasty

  10. My Home My Food says

    I like this recipe . its looking so yummy.

  11. G G says

    Marinate the chicken overnight in yogurt and the spice rub …. it will taste better before searing I guess

  12. Geoshf Schneider says

    Please show hot to make hot pot easy

  13. So Tasty says

    OMG 😱😱 I've never seen this kind of awesome videos

  14. Cake Junkie says

    I wish I was you guys look at all of those designs there good wish I could do something like that😋❤❤

  15. Aidan O'Donoghue says


  16. Simone Jones says

    Unsubscribed cause tasty just isn’t what it used to be! You don’t even say “ohh yes” anymore!!!! plus I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the same recipes recycled with different titles.

  17. Sandi says

    Perfect for taco Tuesday!

  18. Nerd With a Swag! says

    My God. So costly tacos. More costly made by adding onions.🙃
    #Rs 150/kg onions in metropolitan cities

  19. lovelyblkwoman Brown says

    It's beyond me how people don't add a pinch of sugar to tomatoes or sauce. It must have a bitter taste ..can't do it.

  20. shameblamenamegame says

    Trump is a lazy filthy mutt and so is his prostitute wife and dumb kids

  21. Renanah VitAe Musique says

    Are those them good looking Alvin hands again?

  22. Janice Woods says

    Oh this looks delish!

  23. Idktreez says

    Isn’t the first recipe Tinga?

  24. Sarah Srh says

    That's looks tasty

  25. Katherine says

    Mmmm I think I know what I am going to prepare tomorrow 🤤❤️

  26. Jacob GL says

    Can you make a giant taco

  27. Talented Tape says
  28. supermagpie says

    Tatsy: Look a weeknight meal! Also Tasty: braise this for an entire hour Me: ?????

  29. fmfabc says

    I miss the "oh yeeeasss" at the end😕

  30. [CookTV]Superwoo says

    Wow. Needless to say. It looks so delicious😍👍👍👍👍

  31. Chris Howarth says

    Chicken thighs would be better for this. Less likely to dry out or turn tough during braising.

  32. Oisín O' Driscoll says

    Biria tacos episode soon please!!!!

  33. Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera says

    In Mexico, those are not considered tacos. Looks like tostadas but we don't use too many spices.

  34. Erkail says

    Praise Lucifer👹👺😈🤘🔥

  35. Fusion Visual says


  36. Fusion Visual says


  37. Autumn says

    My grandma made something like this

  38. Laila Davenport says

    I am soo early

  39. Steve Logan says

    Nice recipe, i would add 1 level teaspoon of poultry seasoning to the chix, really kicks it up a few notches

  40. mack smith says

    I never get tired of tacos

  41. Cooking with Sonny says

    We keep pulling meats so what happens when we push them?

    Smash burger 🍔

  42. S P says

    I want to eat this so bad, but I can't since I am vegetarian.

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