Weird Beauty Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!!! I hope you guys find these beauty hacks helpful, if you did then don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and Subscribe …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Rosie Masson says

    This is so old lol… 2018 squad

  2. Umang chauhan says

    Hlo m from india plzz try to visit here i m big fan of ur ma'am

  3. secret s 20118 Wall says

    You so good at making life hack videos

  4. Jsjxbx Sjjxjxjxj says

    2:33 trying to hard to be zoella

  5. Tiannie Hanslow says

    loved your video you are so pretty💋💋

  6. Astha Raval says

    These beauty hacks are so good. And they so useful. 😘😘

  7. Isabelle Kruijt says

    That avocado looks weird

  8. logibearvlogs says

    these are so helpful

  9. Coca-Colette says

    is anyone having a roxxaurus marathon

  10. Katie Diane says

    how do you swipe the oil off the avacado

  11. Kyle Hall says

    Cleaning your makeup brushes is easier then that! Just wet your brushes then put soap on it then wash it out! Then wait over night to dry

  12. Bhoomi Gohel says

    How to get rid of dark circles?

  13. Aligize Aj says

    this was on my b day lol

  14. NIamh Frape says

    How old are you?

  15. lauren elise says

    it almost annoyes me that every YouTuber uses the same music…. just me? Ok..

  16. Maddy Bellotti says

    Where's ur top from?!! x

  17. Lilith Hedwig says

    Your just so pretty and sweet, it relaxes me a lot to watch your videos :3
    I just couldn't not notice how weird your olive oil was, it almost looked like seed oil or smth! Are all of the olive oils in the US like that? D: poor you!

  18. Waleed Rox says

    Ohmgg the cocoa one killed me . Imean why didnt i think it of be4

  19. courts leah says

    rlly interesting

  20. Bizz says

    Where's your shirt from?

  21. Andie denerville says

    what does that mean

  22. Ellie Gardner says

    can u use lip gloss for concealer

  23. indie henry says

    You don't need any makeup you are naturally beautiful !!

  24. Elliels says

    I have that dressing table but I've got all the furniture set x

  25. Alex Gonzalez says

    You make me feel so ugly 😹😩

  26. nela iulia says


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