Weird Boss – Employee Relationships That Are Hilarious

Weird Boss – Employee Relationships That Are Hilarious
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Weird Boss – Employee Relationships That Are Hilarious Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Krystle Gonyo says

    She swears a lot i counted ………….4 times!!!

  2. Azzy: “the words are mean but the cake is delicious!”
    Plot twist it’s her least favourite kind of cake!

  3. Abi McLaughlin says

    I hear Jordi in the background

  4. Heather Barrett says

    8:04 they would suffocate

  5. Farmers Wife23 says

    Jordy be quite

  6. Gloria Rosas says

    I love your shirt azzy so cute like of u agree

  7. How I stop my parents from fighting:

    Me: goes to the living room
    My parents see me coming: my parents stop fighting
    Me: hugs dad and mom
    Also me: leaves the living room
    My parents: continue fighting

    What is this world I'm living in •ω•
    , ,

  8. The Raptor King says

    Azzy turned on my google assistant

  9. Caroline VanRaalten says

    5:04 my friend had a book called Secrets and Scones. Then, I said, “ Secrets and Scones may break my bones, but muffins will never hurt me.” Oh, how she laughed! 😆😆

  10. cat crafters love says

    See her mouth at 9:04

  11. Glitterbutt says

    It's leviOsa not levioSA

  12. Hanna 77 says

    Her tan thoughhhh

  13. Kittennova 090 says

    Omg jordi is screaming in the background lol

  14. Emo human says

    1:32 who else heard Jordi screaming? 😂

  15. Lillian Oesch Anderson says

    I can here Jordi screaming

  16. kit kat says

    Love you Azzy!

  17. Jenny Quinones says

    Either way you have to watch your language

  18. Alex Apeja says

    Was it just me who thought the girl with two hat's hair was her face 🤣😂😂

  19. Brandon Green says


  20. Jill Skeen says
  21. Braelynn Hill says

    Herro peeps 😼

  22. pvm life miraculer jv says

    I tink i'm gonna consider putting my chocolate in a safe.😂

    Anyone else here have siblings?😅

  23. O.L.D Darling says

    Can someone like my vid and subscribe I've got no one😭😭😭😭

  24. I just like food ok!?! says

    Ummmm I don’t like puppies or dogs ummmmmm DONT HATE

  25. Anto animation studios!!! :D says

    I don’t like puppies

  26. Monkey Girl Emily says

    Who is that shouting in the background? It sounds like your boyfriend.

  27. Nicolae Keyzer says

    Azzy what happened to you’re skin

  28. Danny says

    0:41 JACKPOT

  29. Patrick McDermott says

    The cake is pozen

  30. That_one_ girl says

    1:32– faint Jordi screaming in the background

  31. qt. Error says

    I don’t let people take my food cause I cry no joke I’m obsessed 😊

  32. Neil Cockings says

    Jordie in the background tho

  33. Macy's World Sparkles says

    I am going to delete this in 1 hour

    Let’s see how many likes it will get before I delete it

  34. Doggy 500 says

    lol this is so extra!

  35. Lydia Steele says

    I’ve actually been to the place with the cardboard castle it is a ballet shoe shop

  36. Karishma Marriott says

    7:25 the calendar emoji on the slider is my bday XD

  37. Kitty Gaming says

    No Azzy, it's LEVIO-SA not LEV-IOSA

  38. BEREN SAAT says

    its LeviOsa not LevioSAR

  39. Leo Mtz says

    At 1:33 in the background who hears Jordan screaming

  40. Prinnymoo Gaming says

    Im getting a kitty today im so exited

  41. Alexandra Santini says

    My dad's part time doctor workplace has so much candy, chips, pizza, sodas that I go with every day…😁

  42. It’z Raira says

    1:42 could be her least favorite flavor.

  43. Livo World says

    I heard Jordi recording. It was hilarious. What video on Jordi's channel is it? I want to see it I can hear Azzy. XD

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