Weird But Helpful Inventions YOU NEED

Weird But Helpful Inventions YOU NEED
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Weird But Helpful Inventions YOU NEED Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Rox Vatter says

    That radio would not work for us because my brother has his seat belt stuck cuz we hit a deer and it was all over the place and we had to call 911 so his sheep out don't work and my mom don't like to wear hers but I do love your videos you're so much fun

  2. Joann Sebastian says

    I am the same way I am always like " Put on your seatbelt now.".

  3. Sydney Stewart says

    Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2019

  4. Evie Norgate says

    God has a pen Azzy has a highlighter
    God drawers the world azzy makes it brighter 🥰🥰

  5. Leslie Wharton says

    I have a digital coin bank and its purple (very useful)

  6. Jessica Bond says

    Were do you. Find these video s

  7. They are the best


    I actually have the digital coin jar

  9. Mario Bonilla says

    Azzyland is my hero

  10. tiana hinds says

    I have the piggy bank

  11. Rowena Hilder says

    Azzy my friend loves your channel but she can’t comment because her parents will not let her but she always watches you on youtube which is fun and is watching you right now and I watch you to so ya and your so cool and sweet and amazing and your song is amazing and your are good person like always and sorry this comment is so long well bye for now


    In Melbourne the bumps that are next to roads glow red if you can’t cross and green when you can

  13. Mr crazy Gamer says

    0:06 is That Shane dawson

  14. Jacqueline Smith says

    What about if you a cat?🐱

  15. Jez Mcleish says

    Your funny Azzy

  16. Pink Eevee :3 says

    2020 will be like this:

    IMA vSCo GiRL iN a VsCO WoRLd

  17. scareware with a katana says

    5:22 lol I have one of these and sometimes it's kind of annoying to use but it's pretty cool

  18. Christ Andrea says

    Azzyland you are so beautiful

  19. Joanne Radd says

    Azzy can you do dare vids

  20. Jade britney Barrera says

    I love your chanol

  21. Adrianna says

    I love the multifunctional bed too

  22. Maya Glick-Macalalad says

    i have a digital coin bank, but my little brother broke it (via wire cutters)

  23. Isabelle Jones says

    I have that exact piggy bank

  24. Jessica Winters says

    Remote controlled MOP

  25. Salma Rizni says

    vending machine story
    ME: meh apple juice :'(

  26. Shelby Nevin says

    no affence Azzy but you say Iron, Pasta and Lava wrong

  27. Victor 3D says

    I have the coin bank thing

  28. Xx Gacha Sisters xX says

    i have a digital coin bank

  29. Jamie Tretson says

    My dog wouldn’t trust me in that

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