Weird Things Straight/Gay BFFs Talk About

Weird Things Straight/Gay BFFs Talk About
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  1. Jacob Eadie says

    Me and my best friend (I'm guy she's girl) are both bi and we can be either one of these at any given time

  2. Saanvi Raman says

    Girl is Indian..

  3. Mask boy says

    For all the gays with grinder if u like a guy and don't know if he is straight just turn your volume up and hope u get a message from grinder if he reconnected it like smile or grins a bit then u know he isn't straight 😂my friend gave me that tip

  4. Cloud 1 says

    i love being a lesbian and having gay guy friends

  5. Kim Namjoonie says


  6. Ishan Mukul says

    Kevin and Betty have entered the chat

  7. Lou Sketches says

    This is literally my friend and I

  8. WhyySilver says

    I NEED a gay friend.

  9. Andrew Hopkins says

    I wish I had a gay friend

  10. Freya Walker says

    Hairy arms check 🤣😜

  11. Grace Wright says

    People who want gay best friends make no sense. We're not handbags, puppies or excuses to be homophobic just because you have gay friends so it's "fine". We don't exist for you.

  12. Gina Maronta says

    Well all need a gay best friend but all I got was a lesbian best friend..Thank God it’s not getting weird lol

  13. Sapphire Axel says

    I'm that gay friend, and still closeted and me and my girl bff looks really close together, everyone thinks we should just be together. But little do they know I'm gay lmao. And I'm not planning any relationship with her

  14. Susie says

    The wholesomeness I cANT

  15. Marlon Daniels says

    My best friend is bisexual
    No homo tho😅

  16. Sloth says

    This is bi far one of my favourite videos

  17. Caitlyn Clark says

    And he ends up being bi or pan…

  18. Hyru1e says

    Ah, this is happening

  19. Daisy Reynolds says

    Honestly, my bezzie acts like a boy & is bi, so some of our convos R….strange

  20. Lena Kolasińska says


  21. the trash can says

    Can I have a gay Friend? 😀

  22. h e y says

    All of these are true

  23. M.J. Meece says

    I need to see the lesbian and straight dude best friends version

  24. Jan Gacha says

    Les be honest we all need a friendship like dis

  25. Jack Thomson says

    This is so true (I'm the gay one)

  26. Natalia Kyriakakou says

    Kevin keler is shaking

  27. min yoonki says

    This is me and my best friend.

  28. Mia MSP says

    I have a friendship like that! 😂

  29. NOLWAZI says

    This sucks I want a gay beastie now😂😂😂💔

  30. Pink Princess says

    I want gay friend

  31. •Lovely Author• says

    Lol I'm a lesbian with a gay best friend. We always say "No hetero" after saying i love you or doing something straight😂

  32. 『Glitchy Glitch Gacha』 says

    I have bi,and straight friends and I’m lesbian

  33. Leon Lewis says

    im gay and me and my girls are always like this. this girl got it goin

  34. Il Y Aura Du Soleil says

    Imagine if the first scene was flipped around:
    Lesbian to her straight guy friend: diD yOuR pENis GeT biGgEr

  35. shook tea says

    0:39 look at his little sweater pockets lol

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