Weirdest Japanese Inventions EVER!

Weirdest Japanese Inventions EVER!
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  1. rylan winters says

    I want the floor cusion

  2. Linda Salazar says

    3:44 bless you

  3. moomoo 22 says

    The glasses one is really good because you're not supposed to sleep with your glasses on.

  4. Ava Emilia says

    I have one of those piggy bank things

  5. Carlie Tipple says

    Bless ur soul

  6. Alison Schiebel says

    I need those napkin pants!!!!!

  7. cadence butler says

    "When yo wanna look pretty but you're tired of everybody's shuit" -Azzy 2017

  8. Brenthebest 11 says

    Who else said bless you after Azzy sneezed 🤧

  9. sailor moon queen says

    Why doesn't my toothbrush get fat of my face

  10. De Coole Goochelaar says

    8:22 that looks like something whole lot different

  11. Snashdog says

    Omg, 😂😂🤣🤣
    Azzy just sneezed then I did.
    What wierdness.

  12. Diaan Matthee says

    I love you break up with your boy friend then us

  13. Jolanta Sadowskarudnik says

    3:42 bless you

  14. Nicola Walsh says


  15. Kristoffer Reiter says

    Hi I lost my ladybug 🐞 today

  16. TheMooingCat123 says

    Bless you azzy 😋

  17. Alex Hardman says

    Sneeze comparison

    Azzy: achoo 😀😀

    Me: achoodgcgvhfbvyvbv

  18. Yoan Ivanov says

    Yeah I've seen one of these finger tooth brushes and I think the are made for babies…
    Because the have tiny moths

  19. Vivian Oliveira says

    Can u be my friend

  20. taejah yt says

    I wish they had a window wiper for glasses

  21. Oofer Sisters says

    Mah cheeks are chubby and I need the thing that vibrates xD

  22. BlaDeZ Goat says

    You can get clear umbrellas btw

  23. abdel hassan manalundong says

    Give azzv some award for the most cutest sneeze ever!

  24. Zool Osman says


  25. banana aj says

    Azzy's sneeze: Cute little sneeze

  26. Natalie Vangan says

    OMG!!!!!! Your sneeze was so cute!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  27. ghoul killer says

    i like your vids

  28. ghoul killer says


  29. ghoul killer says

    you have big 🍑

  30. Ahmad Helmi says

    that table name kotaksu

  31. marcos lobo says

    I wish you didn't talk that much.

  32. Karen Garcia says

    3:19 is veru common in Japan. It is used a lot during the winter to keep warm since most homes there are small but also not very big unless you're hella rich, and you use a comforter to sleep on the floor. It's also great because you can study and nap on the floor while being kept and warm.

    I know this because I'm a weeabo :^) (jk im not but yes i do watch anime etc etc), and I'm not very smart. So if i made a mistake, sorry, please don't argue with me, I'll remember and fix it for the future. <3

  33. Abigail Richardson says

    My sneezes are never that cute azzys are adorable.

    Me: AAAAACHOOOOOOOOaohfjdoehrbvfn🤯😱😬🤫

    Azzy: achoo😇☺️🤗😚

    I’m so jealous😢

  34. Samantha of death says

    My friend has that piggy bank and we in Arizona

  35. Aiden awesome says

    or you could just get clear umbrella

  36. k k says

    What is deceived is Pikachu.

  37. Shonky Sideways Sam says


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