Weirdest Japanese Inventions That ACTUALLY Exist

Weirdest Japanese Inventions That ACTUALLY Exist
Weirdest Japanese Inventions That ACTUALLY Exist in Japan SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy …

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  1. Danny says

    1:09 your not the only idiot

  2. Danny says

    I need a Bed Desk too

  3. Maicia Abery-Neale says

    I always drop mine on me it hurts soooooooooo much

  4. Brooke Schimel says

    I dropped my phone on my face while watching this

  5. Pearl Kelly says

    Azzy:this is worse then crocks

    My inner vsco girl: how dare u azzy

  6. Hay umm azzy the flashlight about that you can use it at night cuz the light go to the battery and save the sunlight for the night
    Plis dont hate this comment

  7. Twins Win says

    There’s a mode on roombas called spot

  8. Twins Win says

    You could use an egstended thumb for if your thumbs are short or if you got your thumb amputated

  9. Lauryn Evans says

    Your not the only one I just got hit in the face

  10. Maddison Ball says

    What if the extender is used for people who lost their thumb

  11. Renee Rusnak says

    I did that with my iPad

  12. Kawaii Cute vids says

    Hello Azzy❤️

  13. ItsYoGurlElla UWU says

    My sister: breaks her iPad screen Oh, ok, lemme just tape that
    Me: makes a tiny dent on my ipad AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! MY IPAD IS BROKEN, THE SCREEN WILL TURN BLACK!!

  14. Kelli Mckinley says


  15. kosi csalad says

    Ur not the only one who drops there i phone on there face I do that to

  16. Jargal Janchiv says

    how do you sub ?? jk 😂😂😂 i sub to her

  17. albert_fan 1234 says

    You know that thumb extender in the video? Ok so I think the purpose of that is if you have something in one hand but you need to text at the same time so you'll use that to extend ur thumb and text. Who agrees with me?

  18. Nielcy Gyn Abas says

    I just think the thumb extender can help you hold like tick book in one hand coz it wont fall

  19. laylas schmidt says


  20. Juliana Diaz-Arguila says

    Azzy idk if u r reading but I love ur yt channel

  21. Dragular Susie says


  22. Malaki Battles says

    U put to much lipstick on

  23. icy plays roblox says

    Azzy:"Who else has a phone in bed and I just falls in to you're face? Azzy agin: Am I the only idiot here EDIT: I liked my coment cuz nobody will like.

  24. Savannah Penn says

    3:22 you can still hear

  25. Savannah Penn says

    1:09 no I’m one too

  26. Genoveva Reyna says

    The one about the thumb I know you could use it for you can prank people sing can you like hold this paper for a little then the snow get off then your real thumb hide behind your other four fingers like we're on the promise so yeah am I smart now

  27. T BoozeyWoozey says

    Thats the reason you have jordy

  28. Angela lawhon says

    Azzy can you please come to Chester and go to win free st on this Tue at 6:00pm if you can because I love you and I,ve had dreams about meeting you in your area where you make videos so please come. P.S. can you do my makeup?

  29. Kelsey Fitzpatrick says

    kindest prettiest/handsomes

    read the first 2 words

    hope you have a nice day xox😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Leah Fannin says

    OK so the thumb thing is for when you can’t reach the top of your phone like for apps and stuff and you don’t wanna take your other hand and tablet while your other one holds it so you can just hold it with one hand and reach up there

  31. David Ross says

    Azzy I hate emojis I’m sorry

  32. Sebastian Portillo says

    Yes Azzy My Tablet Allways FALLS ON MEH

  33. Zoie Lewis says

    That happens to me too

  34. Katie Houston says

    In case you are in a car being kidnapped and you have the thumb extender then you can push the button

  35. Jojo Gonzalez says

    Azzy: no just me
    Me: my phone fell in my face and left a bruse😭😭😭😭😣😣😣😣

  36. Anita Bhattacharya says

    Me too

  37. Paulino Mac says

    Actually dried pork isn't that bad

  38. Mary Ellen Boyle says


  39. Mary Ellen Boyle says

    For a tums up5

  40. Anna Kate Bell says

    To have a bigger thumbs up

  41. Itz_kawaii_ snuggles says

    Your face looks a little weird (not a hate comment)

  42. Faith Perez says

    I have got hit in the face with a phone a computer basically every thing

  43. Anaya Berber says


  44. Chuck The ferret says

    what is azzy wearing

  45. Theater Squad says

    So u can hit that like button

  46. Kash Hassan says

    Join the club

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