We’re Rooting for These 12 Clever Plant Hacks! DIY Gardening and Plant Tips

We’re Rooting for These 12 Clever Plant Hacks! | DIY Gardening and Plant Tips by Blossom
Want a green thumb? We show you some unusual ways to plant and grow your own garden!

 We\'re #Rooting for These 12 #Clever #Plant #Hacks #DIY #Gardening and #Plant #Tips
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  1. lamia ahamed says


  2. Tyrone Villanueva says

    Sorry but I think that Potato should be cooked first for some reason before it can "fertilize" well technically speaking Potatoes are tubers meaning it can still grow roots if still viable. I hope next you can mention if it is cooked or not; I guess?

  3. Adriana Bonita Aziz says

    There are lots of science in these videos .. Awesome ! I am addicted already 😃 Thank you !


    Makes sure to put enzyme in your water to avoid mosquito

  5. Susi Gonzales says


  6. FADEL__ KINGDOM says

    Who else know that the soap kind is dove

  7. Golul Kannan says

    Any one English

  8. All In Genre PH says


  9. Sabrina Kincaid says

    Anyone who scratches a bar of soap can’t be trusted.

  10. GalaxyJ6 6817 says

    Tôi lam dậy thoi ma giong thôi nhau coi song moi biet

  11. Asher Rogers says

    4:25 WORKS……My house smells like rotten milk!

  12. Mamy Mamy says

    عراقيه مرت من هنا

  13. Tips & Hacks Corner by Sara says

    Love the video and hope I could try those.

  14. Ankur Dey says

    Which gardener follows these?

  15. Barbara Clay says

    Wait where do I get rusted nails? I didn't see any at Home Depot😂

  16. Alexia Bobadilla says

    0:50 just put in reverse a video of a dying plant and every one will believe it (i mean i dont know if this is true because i havent proofed it yet)

  17. Madhavi Jaisairam says

    Hey.. paagal… rose plant never in ur way…

  18. nasir ahmed says

    অনেক সুন্দ র

  19. JmRia Hug says

    Thank u uploader. Has any 1 tried any hack? Update please.🤔🙏

  20. all in one says

    What hair's noooo

  21. Sd Dr says

    Dry soil?



  22. Aryan Bakshi says

    Is it real

  23. Libia Prada says

    Veo q todas las plantas floresen o dan fruto porque mis plantas no q ago

  24. pushpanjali mishra says

    Soap can damage your plant

  25. Радмила Мишари says

    ! 👍👍👍 КлАСссНо ! 👏 spasubo ! 🍓🌞🌹

  26. damir YT says

    Balkan like


  28. Hồng Nguyễn thị says

    Có dịch tiếng việt thì hay

  29. Will Beltz says

    !WARNING! Plants were harmed and killed in the making of this video!

  30. Ariadna Rubi says

    Alguien que hable Español??👉👈??

  31. MINNIE MOUSE says

    Ya lo vi Muchas veces. 😁

  32. Tammy Ryder says

    so the soap (dawn) kills flies but not the plant?
    what happened to the pineapple core.
    yall tellin me i can plant a lemon tree and avocado tree?!
    50 years later I'm waiting on my avocados.

  33. TELESECUNDARIA 163 says


  34. เวอร์

  35. ABDUL QUDOOS says


  36. World of Cacti says

    12 clever hacks to murder your plants!

  37. River Pasión says


  38. jessica hernandez says

    Muy hermoso todo …❤❤💠siempre me han gustado las flores… ✌✋😝

  39. Mr. Bones says

    Trolling video

  40. PokeTStudios _ says

    1:05 why the hell do you have a blue horned worm on an indoor plant wtf
    Edit: 2:47 again why do you have so many bugs on an indoor plant

  41. Poptel Mobile says


  42. Jesus Estrada says

    The soap thing works better if you put a tiny bit of soap in a spray bottle and mist the plants and just the tiny bit of the top layer of soil. You could also spray around the plant with it

  43. Liza Castellanos says

    0:50 its 2019 know you could donate hair even to plants?????

  44. Sandwichscoot says

    Omg I was internally screaming when they put bleach in the plant. Noooo!!
    Also, I'm sure soap won't be good for that string of pearls! Poor plants 😭😭

  45. Suha Marzan says


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