What Couples Around The World Fight About

What Couples Around The World Fight About
Some fights are so different they’ll totally shock you. Others fights are so familiar, they’ll totally validate you. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

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  1. Bts haters Die plz says

    I love kalakukko

  2. Erica Animations says

    This is so funny. Every single person and couple is different so they fight about different things depending on the person. Not every person from Finland fight about food.

  3. Bebi Bani mustafa says

    The Chinese couple is my mom with the slippers

  4. Andrew Li says

    The chinese girl just look like an asian Summer Glau.

  5. Iina Ihmineh says


  6. Finland girl says

    Suomi mainittu.Torilla tavataan!

  7. fuck thä shit says


  8. Family Smith says

    "And I like piles"

  9. Onlichka says

    different slippers for each room? are you joking?!

  10. shantanu panda says

    anyone realised that the music is from wine mom's intro, no one only me,

    ok it's fine I'll just curl up and question my existence

  11. Emma Bennet says

    "I have a strong stomach"

  12. Se tuli nyt lähtö says

    Suomi is best 😛

  13. 0.0 says

    The chime couple are hilarious

  14. Kuan Chen says

    who's the American guy?

  15. Phoenix Clifford says

    I just listened to their accent.

  16. ChiaTia says

    Who could possibly put jalapeños IN PLÁTANOS

  17. Anjali Baskar says

    usa guy marry me

  18. Cas Lee says

    My husband is Korean and he gets sooooo frustrated when I forget to take off my shoes when I walk into the house. East Asians take their indoor slippers very seriously.

  19. Noora Ruuskanen says

    I hate kala kukko

  20. ZippyZooZa says

    Why are they so sweaty?

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