What Do Men Actually Know About Periods?

What Do Men Actually Know About Periods?
If you don’t want to watch men learn about period poops then TURN BACK NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

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  1. Puck This shit says


  2. L u c k y ! says

    Somehow, a conservation I was having with a male classmate shifted to periods. He was like “So you guys all use tampons?” And I was like “No not exactly most of us at the moment use pads” and then he was like “Oh yeah tampons are for when you lose your virginity” and I was super confused like-

    I guess his logic was that you put it in your vagina so like-

    Honestly no clue

    Edit: ah, it’s yet another misconception. People think you can’t use tampons until you lose your virginity.

  3. IcyKookie MinYoongi says


  4. Bee Phenix says

    Brother: you’ll be fine tomorrow
    He says on my first day.
    Brother: it can’t be that bad
    He says as I’m being stabbed by craps.

  5. Elodie Hudson says

    This would be so much more fun if they were on a period cramp simulator

  6. AnIOop says

    They should have said like tampon and stuff instead of like “PERIOD PLUG”

  7. AnIOop says

    Ok but like I didn’t even know a lot of the questions hahah

  8. KarenCountLemons Xo says

    Who cares?

  9. Anna Bielawski says

    Im a women and I failed this….

  10. Sienna Angus says

    The Asian guy is so annoying

  11. Sophia T says

    Got all of them right

  12. gongsui cp says

    I feel like the worst part is you feel like you are wearing a wet diaper 24 7

  13. Mona Moore says

    9 days 😑

  14. Kelly Vang says

    Umm what she talking about? Periods do decrease arousal sometimes. They also increase it too

  15. Emily says

    Thanks to 7th grade health, I knew all

  16. Helena Sucero says

    men should be tought some of this tbh

  17. Angelina Hope says

    Got them all right yay

  18. Savannah Shenouda says

    I'm surprised I got them all right
    Anyone with me

  19. Gladimir Hidalgo says

    wrong, I get extra randy in shark week, idk why but I'm a thirsty kitty during and week after…🤔

  20. Carissa Mahoney says

    bro especially with the symptoms, i experience all of those when i'm on my period. and a sea sponge?…

  21. Pru Daniel says

    I love how ironic it is that the cartoon tampon has its string on the wrong end.

  22. Not the Doctor says

    Yes you can. You don't need to do it to know.

  23. Katerina Polanska says

    7+ days period squad, where ya' at?!

  24. Strawberry Pumpkin says

    When the guy said that sleep disturbances isn’t a thing I was literally about to tear my hair off !!!😂😂😂😫

  25. blue heart says

    😂 lol I’m a woman I don’t even know most of this smh

  26. Abbey Coysh says

    Surprisingly I got 3 out of 4 right

  27. Beth Shea says

    "Do I have a choice?"

  28. E Campbell says

    I'm a woman, and I only knew 2. What kind of questions were these?

  29. Megan And Kacie says

    A few days ago my sisters vagina was itchy so she tried to itch it and then discovered she got her first period… her finger was covered in blood

  30. WisdomSeeker says


  31. Savannah Seney says

    Do I have a choice? No…

  32. Sarah Wright says

    what’s with buzzfeed and periods

  33. Tabitha Jarnot says

    What's with the music though?

  34. Nae level says

    Guys don't feel bad about getting most of them wrong I did too and I'm a woman

  35. Reaper RoseGold says

    "I'm so sorry what?"

  36. Daria Kerr says

    I’m on my period and I’m just binge watching all of the buzzfeed period videos lol❤️👹👺💄💋👠🧣⛑🎒🐞🦑🦐🦞🦀🍄🌹🥀🍎🍉🍓🍒🌶🥩🍟🥫🍫🍿🥤🍷🥢🏓🥊🛷🎸🎯🚗🏎🚒🚨🚘⛽️🗼☎️⏰🧰🧲🧨💉🌡🎈🏮🧧📮📕🧮📌📍✂️🖍♨️💯

  37. Hallback Hippie says

    I’m a girl and I’ve had my period and I got all of the questions wrong

  38. melodicmeltdown says

    when the animated tampon is cuter than you

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