What I Got For Christmas 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014
Hey lovelies! now that Christmas and New Years craziness is over I decided to sit down and film a Christmas Haul / What I got for Christmas Haul. I hope you all …

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  1. Marty Kearney says

    You don't need any of that your naturally beautiful

  2. Lem's Life says

    Nice nice lemoni cook

  3. Mariasita says


  4. sushiesalmon 20 says

    Is it only me that doesn't hear the sound

  5. Mady Riley says

    awww the first video i have watched of you!! i still remember it!! i love your channel!!

  6. Tony Oh says

    I hope you do more perfume collection

  7. Falynn A says

    What ring light did you get or what one do you currently use?!

  8. GinnyE25Mikah96 says

    Three things I got (I got more than three things though) were…
    1. Ugg Boots from my mam and pap who are my mom's mom and dad. (My granparents)
    2. A travel size manicure set from my mom.
    3. A Michael Khors purse and wallet from my mom and stepdad. (My first purse and wallet from Michael Khors.)

  9. GinnyE25Mikah96 says

    The white Michael Khors wallet is sort of similar to the wallet my mom got for Christmas from my grandparents.

  10. chloe turner says

    I have the same dressing table as you omf

  11. Jacklyn Calderón says

    Love your videos and your accent is so awsome

  12. Mitch Dianne Tamblique says

    Hi..new subscriber here 🙂

  13. heyhisweet x says

    We look kinda the same 😱I'm thinking of getting a ring light because I'm getting a new canon camera but my lighting is always fucked up😂

  14. Socia Morrish says


  15. Emelia Riddette -Page says

    You are so beautiful, down to earth and lovely! I am so glad that I found your videos and just wanted to know what camera you use because I am thinking of starting a youtube channel and am currently researching which camera would be best for me! I got Hair Straighteners, Tartan Scarf and some lovely leather boots! I also wanted to thank you because you reply to our comments which I think is very commendable! Exxxx 

  16. Jovana M. says

    You have a really interesting, pretty face. That pullover seems like it was been made for you. Amazing!

  17. Aaliyah Rose says

    only just saw this too ! 🙂 hope you had a great christmas and new year <3

  18. Milan Cyberfairy says

    Dreams is my favorite fleetwood Mac song as well omg 💖💖 & your videos are amazing and you're such a doll.

  19. Chloes Captures says

    Is your hair naturally blonde?

  20. Jo says

    How do you make sure your rings are gold btw?! I can never seem to find real ones

  21. Jo says

    My boyfriend cashed out on me this past year! He got me lots of jewelry, clothes and the best part was that he got me two fricken Lana Del Rey vinyls 😍😍😍😍😍 Ultraviolenece exclusive colored edition and born to die.. I like died of happiness

  22. Isola Music says

    In love with your style where's your jumper from?

  23. Jade Heath says

    wow  your presents look so amazing i really like your polaroid camera it looks awesome I
    Hope you had a fab Christmas time. My
    Favourite presents were my box sets ( I got two and a half men and buffy im really into them right now)  and I got some nice clothes and perfume too .

  24. Marion FJ says

    I absolutely love your vids ! You are amazing, I love you princess

  25. Destiny Whiri says

    What age do you have to be to drive in england?

  26. Arctic Monkey says

    I was just wondering where you got your jumper from? It looks so cute and cozy!:)x

  27. Ella Willis says

    where's your jumper from?

  28. Jacob paduch says

    I think my best present for christmas this year had to be my record player and vinyls that my mum got for me since she is really into the same type if music as me, I got some really rare albums like the jimi hendrix experience at woodstock and fleetwood mac's rumours that and some really cool headphones since i needed some new ones, your videos seem really cool i've only seen like two so far including this one the other one I saw was ur vlog in poland, really awesome, hope you had an amazing new year!!

  29. Olivia C says

    Where did you get you jumper/top.?.? It's gorgeous.

  30. Olivia C says

    I got the pink croslee record player for Christmas. It's so amazing.

  31. Kate McGuinness says

    I got a fender guitar, fujifilm polaroid and two nirvana t shirts (BTW, I'm so jealous of your record player and I LOVE Fleetwood Mac!!:)

  32. Grace Jillian says

    That juicy couture perfume top was supposed to look like a tabernacle(the little container that the Eucharist is held in)

  33. p3ril0us says

    Roxi! I literally am so ignorant and I had no idea you had a YouTube channel… 
    I found it today and oh my god YouTube suits you!! You're excellent at vlogging and tutorials. Good luck with the channel, you're getting successful already! x

  34. leah shepard says

    Love all your videos 💕

  35. littlecrowley Crowley says

    Awesome gifts, I got a Clarisonic and money towards a new camera

  36. Emily Strader says

    You are absolutely gorgeous Roxi! I'm so happy I finally stumbled upon a youtuber with the exact same style as me:) I wish you lived in Texas so we could be friends! Keep up the amazing work💖

  37. Janny Ortiz says

    You got really great gifts, enjoy them. I also like antiques, but i just have a few so you really inspire me to start buying them. Hope you enjoy them!!

  38. Imogen John says

    will you do more pretty little liars makeup because your so good at them hope you had a great Christmas and new year, your so pretty xox

  39. Navy Gray says

    Docs, a watch and donnie darko on dvd ^_^ nice vid xo

  40. Julia Young says

    Hi, I am such a big fan of you and I love your videos. You are so beautiful and I love your hair colour and I was really hoping that you would put up a video of no heat curl methods. I would really appreciate if you could do that and comment back to me. Xoxoxoxoxox

  41. Madeleine M. says

    Could you do a jewellery/ring collection video? 🙂 

  42. PersephoneFleur says

    Fleetwood Mac rocks! 🎶 My name is Rhiannon. Haha.

  43. Leila Pryszlak says

    I just saw on Instagram that you've recorded a Marilyn Monroe tutorial and I can't tell you how I excited I am to see it, Roxi! Fab video as well by the way, lovely presents you got! x

  44. Dorothy says

    I'm sure you've been asked this before, but is that your natural hair color? If not, what do you use? It's the perfect shade, like a subtle strawberry blonde. I love it!

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