What I Got For Christmas 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015
Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Here is a little haul video of what I got for Christmas for those of you who are nosey and are curious!

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  1. Ella says

    Intro was perfect 👌🏾

  2. Isobelle Lepley says

    it 2017 now

  3. Trinity Rose Irwin says

    how long dod it take to eat all the chocolate!? 😂

  4. JessyMaySims says

    Spoilt but I love you!!

  5. Meena Jasmine says

    How old are you rox

  6. Alaena says

    Why do you keep moving your head while talking lmao

  7. Sanskriti Zambre says

    congratulations darling!
    one million subscribers!😃

  8. Trinity Rose Irwin says

    What are the brushes called?

  9. sarahwithstars says

    my favourite part of christmas is receiving my annual pair of overly furry or fluffy, not always practical, Pyjamas!

  10. Misayi Ii says

    Jeeej,jak mieć tak cudowny akcent będąc z Polski? Jestem w szoku 😀 Jesteś naprawdę piękna i naturalna,zazdroszczę,powodzenia w dalszym nagrywaniu ^.^

  11. Adebisi Olobaniyi says

    that was so nice for your boyfriend to give u all that I just got sweets from mine😂

  12. Isabelle Bramall says

    Loved this!

  13. Isabelle Bramall says

    Is it only me that thinks since copper has been zoellas favourite colour it's everybody else's!

  14. Eilish Kelly says

    i have the same zoeva brushes! love them! but i need more brushes! you can never have enough makeup brushes! 😉 haha love your videos btw! xox

  15. yel croc says

    what deodorant do u use cuz I've been using dove products lately yet I'm still wondering

  16. currentlysleeping says

    Po Polsku? ^

  17. Amberlynn Abernathy says

    "Matt why u trying to make me fat with these"😝

  18. LittleThing says

    Really cool presents! 🙂 how old are you?

  19. Julia S. says

    You are Polish girl or you are living in Poland or you are from Poland ? It is strange because you are writing in Polish and you are talking in English
    … ?

  20. Monique Black says

    You got A LOT

  21. Ola Ziebura says

    Nagraj jakiś filmik po polsku?! W końcu pochodzisz z Polski😘 Pozdrawiam <3

  22. Martina Chua says

    holy shit you get so many presents from your parents xD

    i just gained three kg in four days from eating all the good food lol

  23. lotus princess says

    Mac & Benefit and Yves saint laurent tests on animals, shouldnt be supported :/ also holy crap is your boyrfriend rich?? that alot of pricey stuff from him

  24. Nona Menna says

    hi roxx i love you so much


    wow can i be you. ur gorgeous. damn..

  26. Coco Chanel says

    Jesteś Polką?! Wow! Moja ulubiona youtuberka jest z polski!!

  27. Carmie Basnight says

    Kinder bueno I cry oh my gosh

  28. Czlowiek says

    czemu tytul po polsku?

  29. It was a logical ruse says

    Jesus, if only my parents could by me Mac….and expensive brushes….and an apple pen 😹👏🏻 love the video by the way ❤️xx

  30. Paula Szlezingier says

    tez czekam na filmy po polsku 😂

  31. Just Stien says

    Subskrybuję Cię od kilku tygodni, zachwycam się Twoimi filmikami, urodą i cudownym akcentem, po czym DOPIERO TERAZ odkrywam, że jesteś Polką?! 😀 wow! 😀

  32. Carly Higgins says

    I've only recently started watching your videos and I absolutely love them! and your so so pretty! x

  33. Marjan Yaghoobi Torbati says

    Where did you get your rings from?xx

  34. Bella Jansen says

    Copper, she's trying to be Zoella

  35. Melissa Olenik says

    she reminds me of abigail breslin! your goregeous by the way!

  36. annoying kenesha says

    my granny living room and kitchen is literally filled with copper thingsomg

  37. Elvira Orling says

    do you know where your boyfriends mother bought that jumper? it's super cute! would love to have one of those too <3

  38. Jordan Louise says

    I love ur videos so much Roxy are u going to do more hairstyle videos in the future ? luv ya

  39. Yosh says

    kinder buenos are AMEN

  40. Krystal Lee Pérez Flores says

    Your so pretty, and your accent is beautiful!!! I just started watching your videos and LOVE THEM!!! How old are you!?

    Much love from Pennsylvania!!! ♥

  41. T Khatib says

    you are so cute

  42. Glambi says

    po co piszesz po polsku nazwy a po angielsku mówisz ?!

  43. Dm Ml says

    I hope you look your notes, when you look away from the camera and not yourself in the camera screen, because it's pointless, you look gorgeous.

  44. Alleisha Little says

    What lipstick are you wearing in this video?! the colour is so so nice!! 🙂 x

  45. Nat Herrera says

    hahah so much chocolate🙆 hahah I like this kind of videos too.

  46. Vibesgirl s says

    Your so pretty 💞

  47. Kristin Aspaas says

    You are sooo funny! Happy new year lovely

  48. AstridAlhakim 67 says

    i love your eyes 😍

  49. yeah hi says

    Wallets are for men???? Whaaaat??

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