What It Takes to Make 400 Bowls of Ramen From Scratch • Tasty

What It Takes to Make 400 Bowls of Ramen From Scratch • Tasty
Making 400 bowls of ramen from scratch is not an easy task. But for Keizo Shimamoto, ramen is his life. Watch as he artfully prepares noodles, broth, toppings, …

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  1. Frostbyt3z Gaming says

    What is that powder @ 15:01?

  2. Patricia Reyes says

    I am truly so blessed I can now support my family all because of, just Google excluding gaps MyCashAtHome .com

  3. Soc Santos says

    The soul they pit into each bowl just radiates. 🤩

  4. Shinobu Morita says

    Man, I started crying when they finished service and started eating themselves.

  5. Christyandi K says

    -wears mask
    -beards still hanging out from it

  6. Sherudons says

    It's nearly impossible to correctly put into words the feeling of cooking such an amount, you don't focus, your mind is constantly moving, your body aches, your hands hurt, your overloaded with sights, smells and sounds, but the feeling of pushing yourself through that abuse just for a smile and a thank you can be all we need to make it worth it.

  7. Sherudons says

    I like that, most people don't conceive that large functions take days of preparation, we don't tend to have 200+ meals worth of stock normally on hand, the cool room get's trashed and filled to the brim and that's the reason why al-a-carte is almost never a thing and it's a set menu.

  8. Gkez Ad says

    what is the ending music? can anyone tell me?

  9. Remu Troblous says

    Chicken feet? 😫😫😫🤮🤮🤮

  10. fallen says

    Man, I'd love to line up for hours just to get one bowl of that ramen. for that amount of prep work, that bowl is worth the wait

  11. TaeTobio says

    Dis is so wholesome

  12. Albertus Stefan says

    Hey i kind like it. The way the video looks cinematic. It's look cool

  13. ComicArt4Life says

    This was incredible 🥰🥰

  14. Lily Johnson says

    I used to go to the ramen shack every other day, when it closed i remember being sooooo upset lmao

  15. Pearl S says

    why am i crying at a ramen video

  16. Lisa Hart says

    Ohio squad where you at

  17. Brandon Not my last name says

    “I use all five of my senses” and he has a face mask on

  18. Ramen Adventures says

    Ganja broth is a whole other story.

  19. GPLIPP says

    You can always taste the passion in an excellent bowl of Ramen.
    Yours must taste extraordinary!!

  20. dark zxt3rue says

    Hi my name is roi I like anime

  21. sandeep sajjan says

    Can ramen be made without meat (vegetarian)

  22. Dillon roell says

    I didn’t know big feet and chicken feet went into the broth 😅😅 owell it I’m still eating it every time

  23. KING# SOCIAL says

    Happy late b day to that legend

  24. Mr. Chips says

    Yum! good job!😊

  25. Rohit Yadav says

    Big big big big thumbs up for the video editor and the camera man too because they made it to connect and it did. Thanks for such beautiful stories. I owe you gratitude. Thanks.

  26. Jocelyn Reyes says

    He is so passionate about his craft. This is art! ❤️

  27. SAYEDA YASMIN says

    The ending music is the music creepypasta use when something sad happens, so many demon flashbacks lmao

  28. Daniela Badillo says

    i’m literally in tears. this is so beautiful ❤️

  29. Win Winarsi says

    if the ramen is ur chlid y r u letting other people eat ur chlid n y r u happy about it y just y man

  30. Ricardo Tan Jr. says

    love love love this episode! who cant fall in love with his passion for ramen?

  31. NetFelixandChan Skz says

    This is so pure oh my god why am I so emotional this is ramen-

  32. Linnea disa says

    This soooo emotional, and happy birthday for him ❤️

  33. zack fair says

    He said his name like how americans or european would pronounce it

  34. Korina Capital says

    Oh yes let it take us to a magical ninja place.

  35. Susana .3. says

    It better return I want to try dat

  36. PinkeeLee says

    what a masterful nice guy. good luck in the new ramen shack.

  37. Priscilla Mariana says

    Happy birthday Sensei💃🍻

  38. winterfox_productons says

    can i please buy ramen by this man. This man is the greatest man of the whole world i need this

  39. Francis Poulin says

    Really inspiring story ❤️

  40. Hector Cano says

    It's my birthday too. I'm not nearly as good as you but if I could spend my birthday cooking the food I love all day long, I think it'd be a good one

  41. Milo Bee says

    I didn't sign up to cry during a Tasty episode. Damn it.

  42. Funnysavage Lol says

    When he said today is also my birthday, I stArted crying bc it sounded like one of those anime dad’s saying “Today is my birthday, so I spent all my money on my daughter …just to end up in a hospital “. Happy Birthday!!! Btw your food looks so good 🙌🏼😌🥳🥳😖😊😋

  43. Gabriel Moline says

    Ten thousand ramens. That’s like one ramen a day for nearly thirty years. I believe you. All the best ramen master. Hope for you.

  44. venom5809 says

    This was incredible. Wow.

  45. rachael estrada says

    I love this seeing this makes me inspired and wonder why i every gave up culinary i loved it so much and part of me want to jump right back in and i feel terrified and excited all at the same time

  46. Ace_Jay says

    Happy fucking Birthday man😭 u deserve it and hope your restruant opens back up and see a smile on your face and see you content in those few moments😪

  47. Cris OnTheRun says

    Wow, so many feels. I have seen a couple of a-day-in-the-life and this is one of better ones. Made me crave for ramen, too.

  48. T guRl says

    That dudes got amazing vibes 🤩

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