What It's Like To Binge-Watch A TV Show

What It's Like To Binge-Watch A TV Show
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  1. CheesyCream says

    I binged watched stranger things😂😂

  2. vixenshowl says

    Binge watch 10 seasons of spn I feel amazing

  3. Bitchy says

    Binged watch 6seasons of supernatural season 13 JUST CAME OUT KM

  4. mrlevinielsen says

    Why would you watch a TV show on a Macbook Air?

  5. Suga Lover says

    This is like every otaku's life

  6. DROGON GOT says

    I've been binge watching.
    The originals
    Vampire diaries
    Scream queens
    One tree hill
    Teen wolf

  7. Armeezy Official says

    what about binge watching movies

  8. Fishball Noodle says

    Me.with anime

  9. Abigail Holbrook says

    This is the most boring video wow

  10. Stealthy Striker says

    At least it's like multi tasking

  11. Daniel Chapple says

    OMG that's me lol all day

  12. maya says

    young justice omf

  13. Sseraphim says

    Kdramas man, kdramas

  14. Alex Coppersmith says

    has laptop
    "What day is it?"

  15. iJamie8467x says

    I always binge watch
    I don't live in USA so I can't get shows or can't get them till months later

  16. StarPaints says


  17. Dafnie Nacius says

    this is me and korean dramas

  18. JustJess says

    lol I just caught myself doing that right now lol 😆😂

  19. Laney Heffelfinger says

    Right after this video ended I turned on Netflix and went to make my lunch with my laptop. I will now preceed to binge watch.

  20. Kaitlyn Burdette says


  21. Haley Gold says

    I finished death note in two days, and would do it again

  22. You have a mac the calendar is on the top (facepalm)

  23. beautiful trouble says

    this is me every weekend and all summer

  24. Phan in a nutshell says

    This has been me the past few days..

  25. Parallel says

    I don't binge-watch TV shows, but I do binge-watch Youtube videos and binge-read books.

  26. Joriann Bassi says

    one word,

  27. Robert De Leon says

    The router part is the truest thing on planet earth with my brother!!!….Especially the hope you're not naked part.

  28. Mallory Cruice says

    This is literally me watching buzzfeed videos all day

  29. ibi nyth says

    I watched seasons 1 and 2 of Black Sails within two days… I have a problem…

  30. Rivianca Sanchez says

    The part where she actually leaves her house is wrong hahaha what is fresh air? XD

  31. Danny Nabaz says

    Wait… so binge watching shows lead to a crappy future?

  32. Ella Niner says

    literally me trying to catch up with pretty little liars!!! finally started season 5!!!

  33. Alexguy611 says

    me with anime

  34. OCSleazy says

    Speaking of binge watching…know any shows that are binge worthy?

    None of the easy ones cause most likely ive watched it lol. Come on, you know this already.

  35. OCSleazy says

    The worst part is when you're done with a show and you scurry to find another show to binge watch. Its like a drug addiction. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if i had fr…..

  36. Cartman! says

    for major bingewatchers go and download popcorn time has all seasons of breaking bad and game of thrones!

  37. Alli Stull says


  38. Axel says

    Lmao that's so me

  39. hArRyPoTtErLoVeR70 says

    Me with breaking bad omg

  40. Owain Merriman says

    Not unplugging the router, watching SAO

  41. AshaBrynn says

    I find it funny that Canada is not in there. Is Canada not in the world? Could of done even just 1 spot in Canada.

  42. Genifer Price says

    binge watching buzzfeed right now… this is exactly what its like.

  43. L Johnson says

    I binge watch charmed a few time a year:)

  44. AirRaid1196 says

    The driving part is a lil too far lol but I can say I've done all of these

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