What It’s Like to Have A Micropenis

What It’s Like to Have A Micropenis
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  1. Tyty Beeks says

    Dude in the thumbnail had a dad bod

  2. DeenanTheKemon I says

    I had a friend who committed suicide and he was hung like a horse. Literally probably 11inches hard. Size isnt everything, not to some. It always blew my mind he was also good lookin and charming. He Could've had any women on earth. Hung Himself at age 27. RIP Chris.

  3. DocMc Stuffins says

    I genuinely think they should all do the world a favor and off themselves.

  4. Mohammad Iqbal Na'imy says

    I agree with women saying size doesn't matter, obviously the normal ones unfortunately the micropenis apparently women can't feel anything

    I feel you bros

  5. Cobra Commander says

    Funniest thing ever!

  6. Mr.Plugs YT says

    😂😂😂😂 yeah I feel a lot better about my self😂

  7. Professor Rosenstock says

    You know what has been puzzling me? Why do men with a micropenis have so much trouble in relationships? I doubt its just penis size because there is such thing as a Married Transman. I even know one who's a player.

  8. Big Boy says

    I have a micro penis and large man boobs

  9. flazéda says

    I feel bad saying this but as a woman, I don't know how anyone could be monogamous with a micro man. Sad but true.

  10. Sir Nippleton McSugarteets says

    Honestly I’d be terrified of a sexual encounter if I had a microdick. I’d spend thousands on surgery.

  11. Ray Zhang says

    I’m an Asian and even I don’t have a micro pp…5.4 inches and 4.5 inch girth..kinda skinny tho

  12. Herpy Depth says

    Don’t mind me just here to send this to my homie

  13. James Gould says

    When these guys ejaculate, man, it must be like a worm sneezes.

  14. This makes me feel better about my 4 inch punisher

  15. Black Black says

    We get the cure in Senegal all Traditionally

  16. Shirley Swaine says

    Life, Nature can be cruel and sadly, size does make a difference. And as for the 'It's not what you've got, it's how you use it' in my experience (admittedly limited by today's standards) the small guys were least likely to make an effort and sorry, were unsatisfactory. Maybe because their size gave them confidence but the normal and normal plus guys made far more effort.

  17. MR ME says

    From the mighty God … with love !!!

  18. Chef Danger says

    Sucks to be them. ROTFLMFAO!!!

    Sorry about your luck little fellas. I know you didn't ask for a micropenis, but you are indeed the butt of a million jokes. Even guys with below average dicks can find comfort in knowing that you literal needledicks are out there, and things could be so much worse.

  19. Isaac Newton says

    Am I the only one with micropenis in the comment section?

  20. piano123 says

    Have NO FEAR! your cavalry is here! There are few tips to boost up that low confidence bc of mp. There are few and effective natural exercise for all! NO gimmicks, NO nothing it's just a plain natural exercise for your penile! If they succeed why not you!

  21. Rusty says

    I was born with a micropenis but it grew

  22. Steven Lee says

    I have a micropenis an I cannot get a job or try to enhance my career prospects because I cannot tuck in my shirt for business professional dress code. I fear that my micropenis is visible. Any men with micropenis with the same fear?

  23. Stuart says

    I've always thought my penis was smaller than average until I watched a few videos of men with this unfortunate affliction. Now I know I'm fine. I really feel for these guys. It's not funny. You'll never understand how awful it must be if you feel ashamed of your body.

  24. Matthew Lang says

    I shouldn’t laugh at this cause it really must be bad for those people who have it, but god damn I can’t help it

  25. moses isaac says

    My flaccid(not errected) is 1.6inches and 4inch when errect
    Am I fine
    Please ???????? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  26. wilddesert says

    Microwave it. You can also do some ✂ play with your girl.

  27. zella ramirez says

    How small is a “micro penis” anyway? It can’t be that bad.

  28. Hjenehehssha Hhvv says

    I can relate

  29. Bajingo says

    Micro penis hahahaha ouch

  30. Jimmy Aguilar says

    See this is why it's so depressing for people that deal with this like myself I'm 18 never really had a relationship live in a small town so if any girls finds out a lot of people can know real fast life's been so depressing might as well just end it honestly

  31. Emmanuel Cardona says

    Just eat nutritional foods with black seed oil

  32. Marco Mark Productions says

    100% chance you’ll get cheated on… if you make it that far

  33. sultanarsakor says

    Just shut up and move to Asia.

  34. Trouble Makers215 says


  35. Belly Wank says

    Huh black guys have micro penis?

  36. Dud 2000 says

    I have a wenis that is 10.9", is this small?
    That is the stupid type of question guys who are embarrassed about their micropenis say.

  37. red_ashcroft says

    I don't care. It's not what makes a good husband.

  38. I'm Iron Man says

    According to research micro penis is if your penis is smaller then 3 inches when erect mine is 6 inches so I'm average about woman's prefer 7 inches

  39. I'm Iron Man says


  40. Shannon DeCillis says

    Tiny dic

  41. I'm Iron Man says

    My flaccid penis is -3 inch but 9 when erected is it normal ?

  42. I was just born a few minutes ago (so sorry for the typos) and i have 27,8 lightyears of penis flaccid. Is that acceptable?

  43. Boxing 001 says

    Wow, i cant imagine how hard life is for some of these guys!

  44. Hey, size does matter, so does your channel name. Accept your fate and stop changing names.

  45. Ryan says

    A buzzfeed video that isn’t bashing men? Is this real life

  46. jose bueno says

    Just date somebody with a microvagina

  47. Jake George says

    something hilarious about everytime they say micropenis

  48. Jonathan Sakks says

    Lol sucks to be you

  49. Peter Kazavis says

    It is never acceptable to agree to cuckoldry

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