What It’s Like To Try Burlesque As A Plus-Size Woman

What It’s Like To Try Burlesque As A Plus-Size Woman
Like it could be a disaster, or it could be my calling…” Check Out BuzzFeed On SnapChat Discover! – http://bit.ly/1NG8LV3 Check out more awesome …

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  1. Barna Bop says

    Guys please help, this is driving me crazy. What is the name of the song playing around 2:52? I hear it all the time in YouTube videos

  2. Nammilicious says

    Chubby or skinny – the burly world, is my world, and never have I felt judged because of my body type!!

  3. Katie : says

    she’s lucky the chair didn’t break jesus christ this was painful and disgusting to watch

  4. mj kim says

    her face is always like ☹️

  5. ArdenMCR says

    She is so amazing! Seeing her this confident and happy with herself is so awesome. ❤️❤️

  6. Jess H says

    I love Kristen so much ❤️❤️ she is an inspiration

  7. Miss Dakota says

    This is fantastic! Keep it going! The SMILE is priceless!

  8. Erica Bunni says

    Ugh, Kristen is my favorite BuzzFeed employee. She's so fun, so authentic, so bubbly, so SEXY, so interesting, so brave, so real. I've never wanted to watch burlesque more. I am here for all that she gives.

  9. Julie Annelisse Hyland says

    I’ve found so much confidence in burlesque, it’s very empowering and it makes you feel beautiful. Even if it’s living/bed – room burlesque by yourself, it’s an amazing thing.

  10. Brendondotexe says

    Someone I know is plus sized and does this. Very well

  11. Cressida Lone says

    who thought this was a good idea?

  12. Juawanna Barron says

    Burlesque is one of the few types of dance where I ALWAYS see plus sized women. (It's like that, African dance, and bellydance….I've never seen a shortage of plus sized girls in those.)
    I'm super glad you tried this though! You look like you had fun!

  13. veggiesaremurder says

    I actually haven't seen a burlesque show that didn't have plus-sized women and all ages. I even saw one where her reveal was that she was pregnant! She did this beautiful barefooted dance in this long, ethereal dress with 2 large feathers. Burlesque is a very accepting art form.

  14. rariisu says

    reminds me of peter griffin's aunt 'queen of burlesque griffin' from family guy

  15. Rana says


  16. josephine key says

    Had to rewatch this video before I go burlesque dancing for the first time in the next hour – Kristen is my motivation!

  17. Charlotte Bishop says

    She’s so pretty

  18. Charlotte Bishop says

    I love the dance ones wish they were longer

  19. Natalee Denlinger says

    Oh my lord stop victimizing yourself. If you’re that much of a powerful women then come on jeez

  20. Lizette Leon says

    hEre I aM cOmpoSing a bUrlesqUe

  21. Katie Abrego says

    HeRe I aM cOmPoSiNg A bUrLeSqUe

  22. Aria Queen says

    I love this so much! I need to get my old routine going again! 😉

  23. Fair Witness says

    Sexy diva….!

  24. Riley_Ann_Louise _Ward says

    Kristen, i know how it feels to dance and not feel comfortable with your body. i have been dancing for seven soon to be eight years, i've always been the biggest person in class and it really brings down self esteem and motivation. Especially during recitals. last year i had a costume for Irish that showed my arms compleatly and i felt really insecure but when the music started i forgot about everything and let adrenaline take over. the same day i tried on that costume for tje first time my dance teacher told me that tge color of said costume looked really good on me. it helped a little knowing she liked it. but it really only matters when you can say it yourself

  25. Adriana Larry says

    You could tell she really opened up on camera over the past couple of years on buzzfeed. I felt like she held back with her bubbly kristen side.

  26. Spyderlegs 17 says

    You go girl!!! You're gorgeous!!

  27. Alessandra Leigh says

    They had a plus sized women at the beginning…

  28. LostLocal7 says

    I have just threw up everything I've ever eaten.

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