What Panic Attacks Feel Like

What Panic Attacks Feel Like
You will get through it. adapted from this post – http://www.buzzfeed.com/robynwilder/panic-attack-experience Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow …

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  1. Ehlowyn .Alexis. Stapp says

    This is me!

  2. idk help says

    currently watching this during a panic attack. yay

  3. DontWrite9's4ever says

    when I have them, I feel like im dying, I cant breathe, and my perceptional visual/auditory consciousness skips like a scratched cd/dvd.

  4. Some other guy says

    Not sure if this is a panic attack but this is what happened

    I started hyperventilating
    I felt dizzy
    My vision became blurry
    I started crying

  5. Nostalgia nerd says

    I had my first panic attack when I was 11…..

  6. Floof The Samoyed says

    For me I don’t cry
    I just sit there feeling dead inside and in pain
    It feels like I should cry but I just feel weak and people call me heartless for never crying and that doesn’t help either

  7. Uriel Hernandez says

    When i have a panic attack, the thing that helps the most is driving to a remote place with nothing but nature. I calm down real quick. For me people make it worse.

  8. NewBookSmell says

    I don't think I get panic attacks. I think I get anxiety attacks though? Like it will just start as this uneasiness until I'm in the bathroom trying to figure out a way to get away from everyone without them thinking I'm weird and then crying when I'm by myself.
    Other times I'm already by myself when I get these feelings so I freak out about being freaked out cause there's no reason to feel freaked out. So I get sucked into these thoughts that I know aren't useful but they're the only kinda tether I have to reality. I always feel insane when I get like that and if I'm making it up; then that's all the more reason to think I'm going crazy, cause what sane person tries to convince themselves they're going crazy?

  9. Robin Tiefel says

    I was diagnosed 30 years ago with panic disorder but now that I'm learning more about it I have never actually had a full blown panic attack out of the blue. I've had anxiety that I feel coming on. The adrenaline was rushing through me. Whenever I've ever had an attack it only lasted a few seconds. It was the thought of it happening again that I was nervous about.

  10. Marceline Mavis says

    I had a panic attack and I fainted

  11. SafireCutie 101 says

    Here’s what mine are like:
    I become all shaky, my heart comes into ‘All or nothing’ mode. Meaning it’s beating so hard out of my chest the only thing you can hear is your heart pounding…I become dizzy. And I can’t focus on what’s going on around me. Or what even is around me…my mind is under control. And all I can do is just sit there and cry. I feel trapped in a jail cell, and all my thoughts are rushing to me at once, causing a headache. My legs start to tremble, and I become weak. I become defenseless…and when people try to talk to me. I just yell, or back away from them. I don’t recognize them in that moment, only the closest I recognize…my voice becomes faint. In public I force myself to not scream, or throw things. Or do anything harmful to myself… at home is way different. Panic attacks are the hearts killers. It’s the monster beneath me coming out of its cave. Its my owner when I break down into panic mode. And all I can do is get trapped in my mind and let the panic attack do the work, i feel like I’m in a deep hole. My lungs burn, my head aches. All I can do is except my fate. My vision then becomes black. Then light again, then back again. It’s like someone’s turning on and off the light over and over again. And I can’t even focus or think straight. If you‘ve never experienced a panic attack. Take this comment as an example of what they feel like. And consider yourself lucky…panic attacks. Is the hearts killer…

  12. José Crisalide says

    Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "panic attacks help" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Wanatthew Janlizabeth Eradicator – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 got great success with it.

  13. Terka Oncirků says

    It will pass, but it will comes back…

  14. Dogs And Fries says

    I had an panic attack underwater once yikes

  15. yourcasualhoneybee xxx says

    it’s like drowning, but sinking much, much, faster than you should be.

  16. Selma Cherzy says

    When i have a panic i just run i don't know whay i fell like that the only way to escape…

  17. Im Bored says

    I've had so many panic attacks and anxiety attacks and it's the worst thing anyone can experience.
    When I have a panic attack
    My whole body starts shaking
    My thoughts are rasing like crazy
    I feel so scared
    I feel like im going to die
    I can't stop crying
    And I just feel like I need everything to stop

  18. Mysafewordspineapplejuce Bitch says

    I hate them tho because u can’t breath and then your coughing trying to get air and getting hot u actually feel like u have no control over your body.

  19. Sagebrush Kub says

    When I get panic attacks, my stomach clenches and my heart beat races. I feel trapped and like the world is crashing down on me. I can't move, but at the same time, my mind is reeling, trying to escape the panic. When they said it's like missing a step on the stairs, they were totally right. It's the same exact feeling of panic and stomach clenching. But it doesn't go away, and the worst part is, sometimes there's not even a trigger. Sometimes they just come on and I have no idea why.

  20. Moj Mali poni Song says

    This usually happen to me,but only for second or two,is it panic attack?

  21. Nowhere Land says

    For me it's like I can't breathe but also I can feel myself breathing and I can't trust my own brain because i feel like it lying to me not to mention the racing thoughts

  22. Minnie '-' says

    What they said in the video is basically me and when i have panic attacks. I don't cru but i feel like i have too

  23. de dee says

    Your entire body is feeling everything and nothing all at once.. very well described

  24. Robin Isthebest says

    Okay, i guess it wasn't a panic attack that i witnessed today. Now I'm even more scared. My hads started to shake. I went to the bathroom and i just felt fear. Like something bad was going to happen. I was scared for no reason and i started crying a bit and idk. It was out of nowhere but i don't know if it was a panic attack.

  25. Chimmy Chimmy says

    When i have panic atacc i cant breathe, im shaking, light head, crying and feling like i would threw up and faint

  26. Chimmy Chimmy says

    When i have panic atacc i cant breathe, im shaking, light head, crying and feling like i would threw up and pass out

  27. Tamsin Channelle says

    i feel like im not here and not controling mself whne i have them i cant sleep for weeks because i get scared i might have one or i might die in mt sleep

  28. Laura Steinbacher says

    I’ve had it once I couldn’t breathe but I held in a LOT OF TEARS 😭

  29. Elle's Inspirations says

    One of the first things that happens when I have a panic attack is I just cry 😭

    I hate it so much .

  30. Abraham Molina says

    Yesterday, I had my first attack ever. I thought It was a heart attack since I suffer from high blood pressure and it was on the roof. It is just horrible man, horrible. I feel sorry for the people that get it daily. God bless everyone.

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