What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?
“I just bought it because I wanted a green wig” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Chalk Stones – Main Mix …

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  1. Kathir Talkies says

    My first order is HP printer

  2. Diamond TheFox says

    My first Amazon purchase was a Gir plushie from Invader Zim and it's missing a leg but I still love it

  3. Panranch PSN says

    Ibeats by dr.dre

  4. Ace5535 says

    Mine was a long grey wig…

  5. Ketriel says

    Mine was a stylus

  6. Ashley Peppa Pig says


  7. Anni says

    May 2018?

  8. mvjaws says

    2:03 she doesn’t like random cats but there is a random cat cutout behind her desk

  9. Marley Burner says

    Lmfao I checked mine it was a 'playstation portable charger lead'

  10. Jeatherlyy says

    Ebays mad 🔥😂

  11. It’s Ya Boi Yeet says

    I have never ordered something online. But my aunt has for ME. Like pink clothes or toys for my brother and stuff like that

  12. Sam Likes Cats says

    I bet one of the people in Buzzfeed Probably bought a vibrator on Amazon for their first product…

  13. Nevettypow1219 says


  14. Xavier Morales says

    buzzfeed be getting desperate forn video ideas lmao

  15. Sacha Kelly says


  16. Sacha Kelly says

    I purchased a rubik cube

  17. meredis says

    mines was a £3 fake harry potter wand or something like that

  18. SIMply Ruth says

    Did buzzfeed change their channel name?

  19. •theatre squad• says

    idk why but i feel like kari looks like a female keith

  20. Nick Crompton says

    I cant hear. The music is earrape

  21. TitanFallsVlogs says

    mine was Christmas bells

  22. Jimmy Neutron says

    One of them look like mia khalifa

  23. BpGamer5257 says

    I dont like cats to

  24. Just Molly says

    The harmonica got me 😂

  25. YouTube —Obcwavv says

    Its boldy but a buzzfed microphone

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