What We See VS. What Kids See!

What We See VS. What Kids See!
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  1. Yonghui Zhang says

    I love it

  2. Mariah Sanchez says


  3. Nate Hull says

    I'm a kid so I can say which ones of the first 3 are right. School, right. Living room, would be right if I played the floor is lava. Kissing, wrong and gross.

  4. Loren St.Andre' says

    I'm a kid but this is my mom's photo and I do think school is a jail

  5. Alyxiènne Kock says

    I like school

  6. Elizabeth M Tatro says

    Meh a kid floor lava

  7. Dee Vaz says

    This so true I'm kid give like ur too

  8. Jacqueline Figg says

    I don't mean to affend any one

  9. Jacqueline Figg says

    My mother is that hero in my life my dad is 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  10. Nevada Brown says

    I hate history

  11. Devonte Eru says

    I'm allergic to peanuts so what I see in pb&j sandwiches is DEATH!!!!

  12. Jordyn Stephens says

    I love your videos so much 😍😘🤩🍕🦄🐶

  13. Jordyn Stephens says

    My cush said he likes me I'm so happy

  14. Emelyn Blackburn says

    Omg im sick

  15. Emelyn Blackburn says

    True dads help by that i mean throws me😆

  16. Miriam Baca says

    I love school and im 8

  17. Zack Stearns says

    I like school

  18. Catherine Hunter says

    I'm a kid and I totally relate

  19. Leonil Epino says

    I love school because I can play with my friends

  20. Mazmaz Tarraf says

    I hate school

  21. Lavanya Sathiyan says

    School is A 😈 DEMON >:(

  22. Jozef Crosato says

    I’m 11

  23. Emmy bee says

    I am a huge fan and I am only 9

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