What would you do if I showed up at your house… (SURPRISING A FAN)

What would you do if I showed up at your house… (SURPRISING A FAN)
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  1. Zoey Wendellzoey says

    I'd be so happy I would have a panic attack of happiness

  2. Aliyah Serrette says

    I would politely say thanks and give you a hug

  3. Emily M Barrera says

    1.i woke up
    2.went to school and had a great day
    3.azzy came to my house

    Now read It like 321.LOL :)but also 🙁

  4. Tdog k says

    #Azzy for President

  5. Tdog k says

    Your already super attractive😉😉

  6. Wham! !! says

    I would cry tears of joy and give you the BIGGEST hug🤗

    And take the money 💰


  7. Joyce Man says

    I will play roblox with you, friend you, bake with you, and have sooo much fun!

  8. Harlow Hisey says

    azzy i llllllllooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeethe harry potter books

  9. Harlow Hisey says

    # azzy for pres

  10. Harlow Hisey says

    i would go crazy and hug you and scream

  11. Shark Snipez says

    I would hug you and make 1000 accounts and subscribe to you

  12. julia ten cate says

    azzy for president!

  13. julia ten cate says

    i would freak out and hug you c:

  14. Molly Gamer76 says

    Me:if you did I would scream till the day I die also me: I’m imortal

  15. Lily Woodrow says

    #azzyforpresidant like if you are with me

  16. Le frog Hops on trees says

    If azzy was in my house

    1:hug her

    2:play AFK arena


    4:play with my cat


  17. xXSnow_Lexi Xx says


  18. Jill Vanpelt says

    Jazzy of president! Yay!

  19. Angel Of Darkness says

    I would be mildly be confused

  20. Unreal Facts says

    I would be like biting myself and hug you and run into my room and get my gleamer and show you

  21. kk awesome says

    If you showed up at my house now it would be weird because it's night time but it would be soooooo amazing you are my favorite YouTube channel the first time I saw one of your videos I couldn't stop watching your videos I love you so much thank you for posting every day 😁

  22. moony the kawaii patato says

    if you showed up i would cry of happines ;-;

  23. Shakira Mcdonagh says

    I would take the money and donate half for people in poor countries and hospitals then build a GIANT home for them,,,…i would make sure thy all have a happy life and future then us the rest

  24. Joker WhySoSerious? says

    I excatly know what i will do 😀

  25. linsey mitchell says

    #AZZY FOR PREZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  26. linsey mitchell says

    I would faint and give you a hug and give half the money to my grandma and give you my room to stay in or whatever you want and let you have our good Xbox remote and faint again because you are SO hot and… let you stay for as long as you want. Yeah I kinda am jealous that kwebblekop married you.

  27. JESHUAH Mojarro says

    Nah jk I would just say sup

  28. River Wild says

    If you show up at my house I probably freaked out and give you the$1000000 keep going we love love 🤗

  29. el espiritu en mi says

    Azzyland for President FOREVER.

  30. Hemalatha Venugopal says

    Azzy for president

  31. Ammy 22 says

    Azzyland for presedint

  32. Mira Vlogs says

    And we will rule the world and turn everyone to Pokemons

  33. Mira Vlogs says

    I would keep u

  34. Gone _now says

    I would scream and cry

    And be friends with u😁❤

  35. BloxxayBoii says

    if she came to my house i would ** her * dont tell jordi

  36. Livo World says

    I wouldn't need the money LOL I would just love to meet you! I'd explode and literally never stop hugging you.

  37. jays cheesyvids says

    I would be more happy to see you then the money because you are like a million dollars

  38. Lorelai Pickett says

    BARRY ALLAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FLASH

  39. Susan Bowes says

    Omg I would scream and I,ll make you my friend like if you would do the same

  40. Alyssa van der Heijden says

    Honestly? I would freak out. Cry, scream and it would be the happiest moment of my life! U are the most creative, sweet, kind and the most amazing person ever!!
    I want to start a YouTube channel so we can make a video together and have an amazing day! I love you Azzy!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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