What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home
There is no good reason to trust cats. Too bad we love them anyway. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC …

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  1. Keren_ Luna says

    Never using my tooth brush again 😂🤢

  2. Taly Talefigurefan says

    I love both Cats And Dogs but i have cats

  3. Amy May says

    This isn't my cat. I come home and my cat hasn't moved! He is still asleep on my bed.

  4. Benzo&PeekoGachaGal 333 says

    This is what My cat does:

    .Stay up all night
    .If he ran out of food he attacks us
    .Sleep more
    .Eat more
    .Bug us for more food
    .Once in a while he throws up his own food
    .And it continues.

  5. Sierra Collins says

    Cats if you train them right won't pee or poop anywhere but the litter box. You can actually train a cat to use a scratching post instead of furniture. Learn how to raise a cat or how to properly care for one before blaming it for its misunderstandings. If you keep your house clean to and make sure all the doors are open in the house your cat will have a lower chance of having and accident.

  6. Garbage Bin says

    Emotional moment, then the cat thinks, "Aah ** this picture. "

  7. harper y. l. says


  8. Jasmine S says

    The food pourer 😂😂

  9. Plush Gaming says

    My cat doesn't destroy anything but my cat scratches furniture

  10. meow meow says

    Mwhahahahahahhaa you humans don't know what we are saying or doing you wont understand

  11. Razia Ghare says

    So wrong about cats!!!

  12. ForVetsInfo says


  13. Neo Carlson says

    true . HAHAHA

  14. Meet The Mika! says

    Secret life of pets

  15. Laura Gadille says

    Ewe with the toothbrush, I'll never look at it the same way.

  16. Jazmin Collin says

    When cats are at home by them self they actually are really stressed this guy who is famous for his cats did a video on what they do and well.. Like I said super stressed

  17. Elijah Rat says

    This is not buy buzzfeedvideo or maybe im just crazy

  18. Sweet Ui says

    Everytime I get home my cat stand sby the door and then just rubs his cheecks around my dad's shoes and then stretches. I'm serious

  19. ALDC Superstars! ! says

    Whenever I come home, my cat wants me to feed him, play with him and cuddle him and when I open the door with all of my stuff in my hands form school, he’s waiting for me right there. Sometimes he runs around my house like a crazy person 😂😂 but I love him ❤️ 🐱

  20. Tom Marvolo Riddle says

    :watches cat scratch but on toothbrush:
    Me: *runs to the bathroom and smells toothbrush*

  21. Apex Predator says

    Trap the cat in cage !! 😀

  22. Dj Gaming Voyager says

    This reminds me of my cat Timothy. He is orange and white as well.

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