What's on my Android Phone 2013!

What's on my Android Phone 2013!
Tour of my Android phone setup 2013! Tweets ‘n’ Stuff: http://twitter.com/MKBHD Verizon Black Galaxy S4: http://amzn.to/13DHDBh Top 5 1080p Smartphones: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Splax 75 says

    Kinda looks ridiculous compared to what we have in 2019 😂😂

  2. MAS says

    jelly bean will always be my fav update. just love the theme. blue and black.

  3. Abhilash Roy says

    Watching this in 2019 and thinking how things have changed

  4. Thanaraj Jaindren says

    Miss that intro

  5. Moayad Kseibi says

    I feel disgusted watching this in 2018

  6. Aissam El Idrissi says


  7. redemption says

    Man he used to air quote a LOT back then 😂

  8. Kristian Lakjer says

    2013: “Gorgeous” 1080p display. 2018: 4K Smartphones

  9. VozyCozyX says

    video responses ;~;

  10. Panca Chandra says

    Happy NEW YEAR 2018!🎆

  11. Shaurya Vikram says

    Watching this in 2017 and thinking how smartphones have evolved..

  12. Daniel P says

    Stock android is so boring

  13. eystein2010 says

    So about 2017. What's on you andriod? and what phone would your daily driver be?

  14. Tony Moctezuma says

    you're supposed you talk about the launcher. not your phone and apps homie!

  15. Looks like you hate Samsung stuff

  16. Aritra M says

    Who's watching in 2017

  17. Joseph Mathew says

    Did u just say google+ is the best thing to come out of google? i don't think so dude

  18. Slava Mironov says

    "Google Plus is the greatest thing to come out of Google" – Marques, 2013

  19. Rajat Jha says

    Everything seems terrible now😂😂

  20. Zander Royer says

    Watching this in 2016: "Google plus is pretty much how the best thing to come out of Google" lol

  21. Shitty Eugene says


  22. RexakonGaming says

    Who's watching this in 2016? BTW im still using the S4!

  23. Adam David says

    What's on my Android Phone 2016?

  24. Hassan Malik says


  25. Erlis Velasquez says

    What's on my android 2016?

  26. Ayush Nabar says

    3:20 dat lag

  27. Ly Ri says


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