When You Can’t Decide What To Wear

When You Can’t Decide What To Wear
It was so much easier when Mom picked our outfits. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC 50’s Groovin …

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  1. Shiann Respicio says

    0:36 keep replaying this and you will thank me later😉

  2. Sofia Nielsen says

    I would just throw on a hoodie and some joggers and I will think I look amazing 😁

  3. Andrea Garcia says

    This is my INTIRE life right here

  4. Grace Flanagan says

    Story of my life

  5. Alan Is Not Cool says

    "No, Ponyboy."

  6. Jake Gutteridge says

    She looks good in everything

  7. Mark Mach says

    I thought that was Tania on the thumbnail😂😂😂😂

  8. lazycatlux says

    I never have this problem… I don't have a lot of clothes and there only so many I like…

  9. TheSpawnOfYouTube says


  10. rocío ferreiro says

    the combat green thing looked pretty fine on her

  11. Driven Off The Edge says

    Omg did anybody catch the reference to the book the outsiders…

  12. Ellena Crystal says


  13. Eh Whatever says

    I can relate to this so much xD

  14. crb, to rhyme with curb says

    ……..and that's just the shirt.

  15. you don't know me. says

    anybody notice the outsiders reference.

  16. Alyssa 167 says

    It would be better if Ashley did this

  17. ayla alexia says


  18. Nothing N. says

    This is why I always plan my outfits the day before.

  19. Giulietta Murray says

    Me every day^^

  20. Samantha Bond says

    i love the outsiders reference! its like my favourite book

  21. Dak Dude says


  22. Quieda Joseph says

    Things only a fashionista would understand: no matter where you're going or what you're doing you do this all day everyday. 😆👸💃

  23. Jena Bena says

    And now you look like you work at the Olive Garden 😂😂😂

  24. Hoobz Schmidt says

    WHEN SHE SAID "Now u look like you work at the Olive Garden" HER FACE 😂😂

  25. cynical bard says

    oh my god she's adorable

  26. Carolina Espinoza says

    i want her in more videos

  27. Sabrina Deitrick says

    "And now you look like you work at Olive Garden."


  28. Olivia Mariotti says

    Use they if you don't know somebody's gender pls people thanks 🙂

  29. Jessica Gurney says


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