When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke

When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke
You sound somebody doing an impression of a Pirates Of The Caribbean impression.” MUSIC Ain’t No Rain Today Setting Up Camp 33.3 Rpm_AltBedMix …

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  1. Cr1 Scyth3 says

    I have an inside joke. I’ll tell it to you but won’t explain it. Find out for yourself. 49311.


    Or somebody tries to get in on one. Its disastrous!

  3. Jeremy Stig says

    That's supposed to be a british accent? They sound like fake Ossies lmao.

  4. Sansriel Channel says

    This is acted out like a porn

  5. Shiqin Zan says

    Sometimes it gets me a lot when I try to fit in into groups of frens who gets the joke but I dont 🙁

  6. Home Wild says

    I dare buzzfeed to use comic sans for their next video

  7. Karim El-houssami says

    Oh my God, those British accents were horrible!!

  8. Nellie Rowe says

    This is just annoying because it's just ally being jealous

  9. your tags says

    do you know what is funny?


  10. K H says

    tbh this would drive me insane

  11. Veilfire says

    I'd actually be incredibly annoyed/uncomfortable in her situation, being excluded is not fun at all… if you don't like being excluded then don't do it to someone else ….

  12. Music of the Fangirls says

    I felt physical pain as a brit watching this. Still loved it though!!

  13. Cluazdezed 2000 says

    I'm British, I definitely don't talk like that

  14. rujet14 says

    they tried to include her but she doesn't want to use her accent when they gave her the chance….

  15. Jace Cowan says

    "Everyone is having fun but me so I'm gunna embarass my boyfriend so I can fit in." – Video summary

  16. Archie b.32 says

    it's not racist when it's British people tho

  17. Louis.C says

    Watchin Thai video and being British

  18. Lily Sings says

    im cringing yet laughing at the same time at their English accents

  19. Hannah Hopkins says

    so the only thing this showed was that buzzfeed doesn't know what a British accent is

  20. JMH Mashups says

    Its funny cos they keep using a posh accent then start using slang 🇬🇧

  21. TiddyToad says


  22. The Commodore says

    tbh this is like aussies trying to talk british

  23. Bonnie Anne says

    being british and watching this
    cringeworthy much

  24. Lili Greer says

    Comment # 1235

  25. Samantha S says

    I think the bit is hilarious really

  26. Qwertzuiopasdfghjklyxcvbnm says

    I always do inside jokes, whether I'm around people who get it or just with strangers. Kinda weird but I'm always hoping someone is around who gets it

  27. Chloe Fawcett says

    English people don't sound like that in English and I don't sound a bit like that at all

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