When You Have Food In Your Teeth But No One Says Anything

When You Have Food In Your Teeth But No One Says Anything
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  1. A. D. says

    It's even worse with braces..

  2. Blueberry Mariano says


  3. Tabitha Sinclair says

    this is me all the time cough*braces*cough

  4. A_BeautyForever says

    That's messed up, why would you let them look like fools for the entire day?

  5. rat says

    "why are you always looking in a mirror?"

  6. jace like jake says

    Ok all the awkward stuff happens to Ashley she like kokana in Yandere sim

  7. Pallak Dhabalia says

    buzzfeed made a mistake in the description box for this vid next to the published on …go ahead look!

  8. Effie Gabrielle Blakely says

    She honestly looks like she lost a tooth lmao

  9. Reuben Thomas says

    Who checked their teeth during this vid?

  10. Moses Jones says

    what is that

  11. VanillaBH126 says

    The description says "I forgot to yell you" was that a typo??

  12. V.A says

    I just never smile sooo…

  13. Elle says


  14. Monica Paschke says

    Me at lunch everyday

  15. Jennie’s dog Kai says

    The desc….

  16. Jennie’s dog Kai says

    I always lick my teeth after I eat lol

  17. Abby Benitez says


  18. marija bamweyana says

    thats why im nervous when im eating and im telling somebody something…..😕😑

  19. Kim Curtis says

    The description says yell instead of tell but whatevs

  20. MisterChunkyBunny AJ says

    I forgot to yell you? Wow buzzfeed. So sad.

  21. Chloe Zheng says

    Well i lick my teeth a lot so i notice before anyone else notices. Its a habit.

  22. Michelle Knight says


  23. Cathryn Elizabeth says

    Those are not your friends Ash

  24. ゴリスポ says

    歯の カスが逆になってるよ。

  25. Hazee says

    This happens when you eat mol5eya like if you are Arab..

  26. Alen_Egre T says

    You need new Friends 'cuz those ones are assholes.

  27. val curly says

    LOOOL i died

  28. Abhishek Dullur says

    #ROFLMAO ., How did you keep up with it during the whole shoot?

  29. Valerie Seet says

    This is so painful to watch! HAHAHAHAHA

  30. Raven Jones says

    i got a dentist ad for this XDDD

  31. Joanna E. says


  32. 843SEE843 says

    I love Ashly!!!!

  33. Kyle Grear says

    How anyone couldn't tell my bae, Ashly, that she has something in her teeth is just cruel

  34. schnauzer mom says

    This is probably really wrong of me but if I like you,, I'll tell you if you have food in your teeth or a booger. If I don't like you, I'll pretend I don't even notice.

  35. Natasha Fuller says

    When you can't get food out of your mouth- video idea…

  36. Avison Charm says

    That's why I carry those small handbag mirrors so I can see If I have food stuck in my teeth after eating

  37. Julie Eyerman says


  38. Ann Pollard says

    This is me literally every time after I eat at Chipotle.

  39. Tony D'Amico says

    This is why I don't eat yodels.

  40. Arianne Williams says

    buzzfeed just reenacted my day the day they posted this.

  41. Suri Huang says

    Lol, she looks ten times happier though:DD What's beautiful girl

  42. Alejandra Cervantes says

    …..if I were her and she said she forgot I would say " you mothertrucking witch! how could you forget?! Ship me on a dock, why?! no wonder they given me dirty looks."

  43. Pawn blue says

    Whoa whoa whoa Who the F is that at 0:30 explain yourself >.<

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