Which Lipstick Lasts The Longest?

Which Lipstick Lasts The Longest?
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  1. Raelyn Catherine says

    Mac and colourpop won, but jeez how bad could these lip appkication be😭

  2. Bianca With Luv says

    Their lips are so cringe

  3. Bianca With Luv says


  4. Sandra says

    Urban decay Mac and stila are the best ones and kylie

  5. XxgracexX XxgrahamxX says

    Urban decay Mac or Kylie ind

  6. sanagotjams_ says

    Is it weird that I could guess all of the people by seeing their lips in the thumbnail?

  7. Erica Leia says

    This is a really cool experiment but I think it be better if do you use the same color because I know that with darker colors it's harder to get The formula right that it is lighter colors

  8. Gold Apple Adrianna says


  9. Co Raja says

    Where is maybelline 😤😤😤

  10. bella da bish says


  11. singularitae xx says


  12. Amber Wood says

    this is why i only buy colourpop…

  13. lol says

    You know you watch too much buzzfeed when you can recognize the girls in the video's lips.

  14. Hassa Fausuto says

    why jeffree star liquid lipstick isnt here

  15. Brendadirk Cramplescrunch says

    Whoever had on KVD and Stilla… did they apply their lipstick with their non dominant hand or something?

  16. Kim Hahn says

    Anyone have a link to buy the Urban Decay lipstick? Or even just the name of it

  17. Faith Macklin says

    Colourpop and MAC I'm impressed

  18. LisaR says

    Why didn't they mention the shades? What colourpop and stila shade was it? if anyone might know

  19. THE ZEZY BUNCH says

    Lol I saw boogers haha

  20. sir swag a lot says

    Can we just take a moment and die over how these girls have no idea how to apply lipstick 😵

  21. Santi Howell says

    what colourpop shade is it??? someone pls tell me

  22. Amanda Pril says

    Yes colourpop, slaaaaaaaaay

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