White Chocolate Cranberry Coffee Cake // Presented by LG USA

White Chocolate Cranberry Coffee Cake // Presented by LG USA
Add this white chocolate cranberry coffee cake made to perfection by the LG ProBake Oven to your holiday menu. https://bzfd.it/2kTtILy.

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  1. Kim Zastrow says

    Cherry cut the cherry in half….

  2. Pocah Doll says

    I only clicked on this because no way these flavors go together 🤢

  3. reina Gomez says

    It took me 8 years to spell cranbire

  4. Zainab Ahmed says

    Me: looks so good i need to try

    Also me: *eats two minute ramen cuz im too lazy to cook dinner

  5. ¡¡Mmm qué delicia!! says

    It look so yummy! I really would like to try this cake.
    Best wishes from Ana from ¡¡Mmm qué delicia!!

  6. Sri Lankan Cuisine says

    Who liked ALWAYS WELCOMES YOU hit like here 🙂 good luck from Sri Lankan Cuisine

  7. Chop Happy says

    That looks so yummy! I love making fun desserts just like these on my channel!

  8. Anagha Gowda says

    Is the brown sugar the coffee aspect of the cake? Then, wouldn’t you call a chocolate chip cookie a coffee cookie?

  9. fluffytom82 says

    Did I miss something? It's a coffee cake but there's no coffee in it? 🤔

  10. Home Recipes says

    So yummmy <3

  11. Marina Tezelashvili says

    Stop using same fricking song like this one

  12. Tabriz says

    you make me hard

  13. Deadlicious says

    Where is the coffee ? Do I have to brew some coffee after spending hours to make this cake ? nah. . . I will just pretend that I am on a diet.

  14. Manav Udgirkar says

    Now where's the coffee??

  15. Liz W says

    What is being sprinkled on top of the cake at the end, am i missing something?

  16. me68206 says

    I have a conventional oven, not a convection oven. What changes would I make to the recipe or baking directions to accommodate for this?

  17. LordKhabal says

    …wow. That looks phenomenal 😍😍😍

  18. Everything with imy says

    plz sub for me

  19. says

    can anybody tell me why this is ‘coffee’ cake? I didn’t see coffee being used…

  20. nathalhices says

    Looks DELICIOUS. Im drooling rn and it's 3:30am

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