Why I Chose To Remove My Breasts

Why I Chose To Remove My Breasts
What I went through is just a blip in what will be an absolutely beautiful life. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow …

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  1. Kelly Brown says

    Stupid stuff

  2. Kelly Brown says

    What is the reason for cancer anyways

  3. Kelly Brown says

    What causes cancer in boobs

  4. Kelly Brown says

    It's so be that way

  5. Kelly Brown says

    Too bad for all the humans

  6. Kelly Brown says

    Too bad for her

  7. dirtdiver5050 says

    Removing female breats buds at birth would save more lives than cutting off a males foreskin at birth. Stop circumcision of unconsenting males.

  8. Kyaiaia Kyaiaia says

    but you didn't even get cancer

  9. Jack Sugden says

    Having bits chopped off the body doesn’t guarantee reducing the risk of the big C, it’s a mental decision that you will live with for the rest of your life.

  10. Marley Mccoy says

    This is beautiful and her eyes are so pretty😍😍

  11. Barbara Danley says

    Brave young lady.

  12. Eva Dien says


  13. Jia Imran says

    u r right we should be aware of family history of diseases
    this can prevent many diseases


    https://healingbreastimplantillness.com/ this page is amazing and has around 50 thousand women that have explanted and growing every single day! please do not allow surgeons aka car salesman allow to deceive you into having 2 toxic plastic bags shoved under your skin. The complications and severity are as bad if not worse than getting breast cancer. Breast implants caused the most severe autoimmune reaction in my body causing a major inflammatory reaction in my kidneys resulting in total kidney failure. I am now maintaining my life on life support every second day (DIalysis) until I receive a kidney transplant- I am only 36 yrs old. I explanted 1 year ago if only I'd known about breast implant illness sooner. Healing prayers to all. x

  15. Naomi R. says

    I wonder if they tried veganism🤔…since only 5-10 percent of cancers are genetic

  16. Danknibba1400 Oninsta says


  17. Reyna Valera Gomez 1611 says

    I just had my explant. Weight gain, fatigue, chronic fatigue, even thinking hurt, blurry vision, brain fog, back pain, chest pain, cold extremeties, my whole body was bloated, shortness of breath, sharp organ pains. As a Christian i dont smoke drink or do drugs. I exercised 2 hours a day because i couldn't loose weight, that didn't work. I ate organic and detoxified myself regularly with bentonite clay and charcoal and other herbs that would only take away symptoms but not fix the root of my problem. No Joke the day after my explant surgery ALL SYMPTOMS GONE!! I thank first off all God because i prayed and prayed to him to tell me what is the cause of all this. i thought i was going to die one night after a small heart attack and in a dream i was told the problem. My family got money for me and in one week i had my implants removed. God answers prayers.

  18. ItsJust Me says

    Thats the same kind my mom died from the bractoo gene. Its how its pronounced. She died when i was 4 so i didnt really get to meet her but im sure she was amazing. I love you mom

  19. Isaac Looper says

    Oh hey look she chose this. While us boys had our foreskin removed when we were babies. Boys don't get a say apparently.

  20. I am a capcake says

    After 100 years of cancer her and her sister stopped the thread it’s amazing

  21. Hi Hi says

    I really wanna know cause my grandma and mom and great aunt had breast cancer but the doctors said it probably was by their surroundings and probably food like soy sauce and soy milk but yeah

    Wait soy can turn on genes leading up to cancer so idk

  22. erica madera says

    God bless you

  23. waOOPS says

    Uhhhh breast cancer isn't a female cancer, men can get it too

  24. dilzy says

    I’m 13 a couple of weeks ago I got a fright for breast cancer because I felt a lump on my breast but fortunately it was just a lump created by development however as my aunties have passed away from female cancers my doctor told me to still be careful. I’m 13.

  25. chloweful says

    She didn’t mention how her genetic test came back negative.. she didn’t carry the gene.
    Not saying she couldn’t get it but if you mention that key information? You should really tell the WHOLE story otherwise? It comes off attention seeking.

  26. Crafty Jessa says

    My teacher is a beast cancer servivor 💟

  27. Idklol says

    terrible things happen to the most beautiful people

  28. Keesha Leard says

    Is this lisbug?

  29. peepee poopoo says

    and people still make jokes about cancer……

  30. Lillian Bloom says

    The fact that 1000 people had disliked this video, it disgusted me. These powerfull women are fighting really hard and so are thousands, or maybe millions have to go through this. I can only send my love to you and my hope. Thank you for fighting❤

  31. Nana Nanana says

    She removed her boobs completely or?

  32. bree says

    first song?

  33. Charis Davis says

    Omg she's so beautiful

  34. Haley Marie Winkler says

    My aunt had breast cancer

  35. 花麗 says

    it would be amazing if someone found cure for cancer..
    this world would change so so much..

  36. yeahboi 666999 says

    My grandmother is a breast cancer I love her so much she is 62 now and is still rolling go nanny Geraldine

  37. Sajid Samoon says

    My aunt died of leukemia when she was 26 on June 1st, 2012. I was 6 1/2. However, her sister (my mom's sis/one of my other aunts) was diagnosed with breast cancer and survived. She had to go through a 22 hour labor for her only child and fought through it. I'm so proud and inspired by my aunts! I love them so much!

  38. No No says

    my teacher had breast cancer and I was so young that the only thing I did when she told the class was honestly shocked and was shaking because I was scared to go though losing someone who is so amazing and I imagined being in her family when it happened and I couldn't but she made it as a strong and healthy survivor of breast cancer

  39. Pamela Sanchez says

    My mom started getting breast cancer but she changed her diet and didnt get cancer

    im so glad she made it
    i love you mom ❤

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