Why I got arrested…

Why I got arrested…
Why I got arrested… in roblox ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 SUBSCRIBE TO JAKE: …

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  1. Leo Gallagher says

    Who else wants to know Thier Roblox names

  2. Life OfMe says

    pls follow me azzy my Username is ronatprecise

  3. Smokey fox says

    more robloxx

  4. Family Friendly Fun says


  5. Jedalian Punzalan says

    Ate azzyland can you add me on roblox??
    My name is ako_jedalian

  6. Alphaunix Alpha says

    Smash the toilet azzy

  7. Aaron Rodriguez says

    I wish I can play Roblox with a YouTuber

  8. lovemylife560 says


  9. Hallie Mcelreath says

    Azzy I love you your my favorite YouTuber ever

  10. sha dow says

    Oh my gosh azzy you freaking scared me I thought you got arrested for real but you didn't that's what important I'm a girl support

  11. Corry Mattina says

    how do you get robux

  12. Amanda Scott says

    but when I saw the title I thought you were really locked up I'd be like come on as I'll save you let's go get some cupcakes and pizza

  13. Cionna.Marie says

    Jailbrack is beeter

  14. Revi Price says

    Azzy I love your vids

  15. Revi Price says

    Banana rule hi azzy and jake

  16. Ines Brenneman says

    Hello azzy you are awsome and I love you and jordi (not in a wierd way) zoro is so coote sorry if I spelt names wrong

  17. Kids vs. Dad says

    me to

  18. goldminemc Gamer says

    Papa jake!

  19. Lily Richerd says

    I didn’t know you played Roblox

  20. A-REX says

    You was in jail but you still have two axees

  21. Bmoney D says

    i played that game and a lot of times I spawned where helicopters are and easily escaped jail

  22. Alex Gomez says

    Can you play camping part 2?
    1 like= 1 life for azzy to live

  23. Nucleus says

    That just a zone not for all prison

  24. Jude Lawson says

    I can get you out FAST

  25. Angela Gomez says

    What is that game called not roblox

  26. Abigael Leary says

    Spot the pretty face…👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 did you see it?

    Their is none because you are the pretty one ::

  27. Carrie Hight says

    #AskAzzy what is your roblox username

  28. {}https. *hxney says


  29. Fun life says

    What is that game is called on Roblox

  30. Lauren Harmon says

    what is that game called?

  31. Kai Games says

    if this gets 2 likes ill ship 1,000 bananas to Azzy

  32. road warrior says

    Azzy sead he put me in his car I sead
    You got kidnapped

  33. Ø•{Layla Chan}•Ø says

    I hate my own life

    You always cheer me up

    But i still hate my life

  34. Please tell us the name of the game

  35. Ackelia says

    Azzy u make me laugh I love you so much 🙂

  36. Noemi Cruz says

    Azzy can you play royal high on roblox please

  37. Pheng Vang says

    Can i add you plz?

  38. CHERIE VAWTER says

    I thought you actually went 0_0

  39. The random post Cats says

    I love your videos and everything about you

  40. Sanbet p says

    Can you please play Stickman Infiltrating the Airship?

  41. Unicorn Pup person says

    Azzy Can I have ur user? I really want to friend you! My user is beesfriend275, And I’d love to play with you!

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