Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!

Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!
I can explain. This one’s different. My Initial Impressions: https://youtu.be/oTZ84U-K_5k MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Quinn’s video: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Mc says

    Its a wired flex

  2. ALTHDS says

    He is wearing a shirt with the "Matte Black" written on it.

  3. Looven z says

    Gonna tell my kids I ordered one

  4. mithilesh reddy says

    A shirt that says what color the shirt is! Now that's fashion

  5. John Dough says

    Just realized.
    Where the fuck are the mirrors?
    Illegal to have less than 2 mirrors

  6. Paolo Mendoza says

    Where's the side mirror?

  7. Asus Asus says

    It's a pick up truck that runs on electricity and can go from 0-60 in less than 3 sec.They didn't have to make it look like a mars rover to make it stand out.

  8. LimbiCorp X says

    Coz it’s bulletproof & you can afford it bra

  9. Jim Rasch says

    This ugly thing will be dope ss fooook in black!!!

  10. Pilsy says

    When I saw the Cybertruck the first time I was like "what's that!!" But after taking a look at it a couple of times, I think I felt in love with it. :). The way Tesla rethinks the car industry (and revolutionises it) is just phenomenal to me!

  11. Darshith Abbigeri says

    People: think our of the box
    Tesla: triangles…

  12. yinsen says

    Definitely because of the matte black version

  13. JY NG says

    2:22 Avicii logo??

  14. Mihail Lupu says

    Because you have so much money that you don’t care how much you paid for it?

  15. ray taylor says

    U ordered a cuck truck

  16. Jacob011 says

    … because you're a sycophant?!

  17. Red Devil says

    … Because you're a millionaire who can?

  18. Let me summarise for you all ->

    Why I ordered a tesla cybertruck?

    Because I have money and I can do whatever I want with it…

  19. Shashwat Tated says

    So your Matte Black tshirt is really MATTE 🤫

  20. horia dobosan says

    This car really is mind-blowing.. Very good Tesla! I'm impressed

  21. Pedro Lopes says

    This is it… If I had any doubt before. We are actually living in the future!

  22. JaH4mez says

    this is fully out of back to the future

  23. ALTHDS says

    "Crystallize my thoughts" hmm….

  24. Dennis W says

    Another Tesla bubble. Presentation was amateur hour. Used materials are not really 'bullet proof'. Production from present models is still not up to normal. How is the production from this model is going to be? Present quality issues are not going to help either. Issues with road legal forms of the car will cause problems as well. Rivian is miles ahead.

  25. Son0fMars says

    I ordered mine too. I love the looks of it because it’s completely different from any other truck and it reminds me of the Delorean a bit which is one of my favorite cars of all time.

  26. Silveeer5 says

    Because it's fing cool!!

  27. Fletch says

    If you ordered one of these it’s a cry for help!

  28. Florian Zi says

    He sees anything that’s produced by Tesla
    Buys it because it’s Tesla probably could have been a trash can for 40000$

  29. Yt Binger says

    Because you can afford it?

  30. Kevin Sam says

    Is it electric or diesel?

  31. Deontaye Bryan says

    Just why???? Why though???

  32. Patchwork Music says

    Why I ordered a Tesla CyberTruck

    Marques: To flex my YouTube money on you peasants.

  33. MW says

    Has Elon Musk been playing Roblox or something wtf

  34. Joan Uzunov says

    I didnt even started watching and i am going to answer the damn question….
    Because you are MARQUES BROWNLEE for gods sake +_+

  35. Dracarys says

    If you really ordered one, then you are one of two: 
    first: You like to flatter E. Musk since you interviewed him before.
    Second: You love the side view of your house (since the stupid design looks like a house side wall) and you want to be reminded of it every time you drive this ugly so called truck. What Tesla did they took the ugliness from the Model 3 interior and put it on this truck exterior..JUST A RECYCLE OF UGLINESS.

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