Why You Should Love Your Scars

Why You Should Love Your Scars
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  1. Shali Koi says

    I fell down

  2. Matthew Bates says

    Plus I was a premie baby so I have scars under my armpits

  3. I have 4 scars on my face and I've always thought they were manly

  4. creamicooki says

    My only scars are from self harm, it was a long battle but i won 💖

  5. Sept1x X says

    I have a scar on my face from a dog it lookes like 2 holes one below my cheek bone and one a inch down from that

  6. Draqon Fruit says

    Um, I have scars from my cat. Just me annoying my cat. No one in my family has them besides me.

  7. First Last says

    I don't think of my scars as a burden I like them as a matter of a fact, I enjoy telling my story to people and seeing their reaction.

  8. Mechelle Luayon says

    I have scars on my face and I am so sad about this

  9. Kyra Slegers says

    Anyone else have scars from their past self-harm?

  10. Reagan Butrum says

    I have two scars on my knee from going down a giant concrete slide on a hill at an orphanage in Mexico. It was actually pretty funny haha.

  11. Larissa Rodrigues says

    I have a lot of scars in my face, the biggest one is on my forehead (7cm). Was in 2017, on a terrible car accident. I never felt myself the same since that. I'm so insecure because of them, I could relate so much with the girl who has a scar on her face. The fear of looking in someone's eyes because you don't want to see the person staring your scar is so true. I'm still learning how to handle and accept. Theses scars are part of who I'm now, but of course it's so hard. I cried so much while I was watching it and I'm so thankful for who made this video, really thank you.
    (also, I am sorry, my English is not that good)

  12. Kate Sh says

    I have a ton of scars from scratching myself (I’m very fidgety and anxious) but my most prominent scar is the one on my face, my cat scratched me when I was a baby. It’s always been there, and it’s just a part of me.

    I have some scars now I hate because I would scratch myself and they don’t have a good story, it makes me feel silly for having them. But they are disappearing really fast, unlike the one on my face. That’s always going to be there I think.

  13. Matthew Bates says

    I had a baby gate fall on me and it cut my lip I recently heard of a new term for a pencil mark it’s called a pencil tattoo and it’s on my right eye I had a hernia surgery and it left a big scar on my groin I have a scar on my ankle from being in an incubator cause I was premature

  14. Liongirl47 XD says

    I’m watching this video to make myself feel better currently I am in the hospital I broke my femur bone into four chunks and they had to perform surgery So now I have a huge scar on my leg i’m in a lot of pain but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger i am 13 chubby and African American so I’m trying to except me for who i am but its not easy

  15. M Performance says

    It depends more on how you got the scars as well. I have hair transplant scar. Every time I see it, it reminds me of my insecurities of balding. Scar doesn’t even look bad but it’s that reminder. If I got a scar on my face from a fight, that’s actually cool.

  16. Rahim says

    Can’t even notice those scars try 4 on your face.

  17. bbitebelza ’ says

    a huge piece of glass got stuck in my leg and i kept it a secret until last summer when i was wearing shorts and it started bleeding out. and i got rushed to the er.

  18. Erin Charles says

    I have a scar from my eye to my neck.
    It was from falling over and cutting my face and neck on a stick.

  19. Tahmina Amiri says

    I have a scar from childhood that makes me very insecure sometimes. I really don’t feel good about it….

  20. W_CHRILLE_W says

    Why tf is there sad music 😂 i have plenty of scars and if you feel bad for having scars then you're a snow flake

  21. Kailee Palardy says

    I cut. I have scars and I’m fighting…. there my battle scars

  22. Dgamer youtube says

    i have a scar on my arm and i have no idea how i got it

  23. Broke Bb says


  24. Funtime MilkShake says

    So that's how Zach got hurt in fourth grade

  25. Ashely Diaz says

    I have a small scar in my eyebrow from were I hit a desk on the way down to the ground when I fainted during a presentation

  26. ンオチンチ says

    There is one scar in my eyebrows til under my eyes I had it in a school fight

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