Will it Flush? EXPERIMENT

Will it Flush? EXPERIMENT
Will it Flush? EXPERIMENT check out EXILITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWWSSCpzmTY SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 …

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  1. iris weiss says

    This is literally 6 minutes of people ruining their toilets

  2. vergie pancipanci says


  3. Christina Pierre says

    How dare they waste food

  4. Dong De Leon says

    Is it me or the toilet will be block

  5. zita gilbert says

    This is literally 6 minutes peopel ruining their toilet😑

  6. Nobody CJ says

    Wow, so much shouting 😂

  7. Cheryl Cheong says

    This person is asking for a drout

    Aka running out of water

  8. YU XUAN GAN says

    Imagine how the sewers look like with all the weird foods.

  9. Mike Bruton says

    the m&ms turned green cuz of all the colours

  10. gaming bearYT says

    The plummers:wait hey Jimmy is ur kid putting mnm's in the toilet again

    The other Plummer:hmmm let me check 2sec later hey did ur kid put ur cat down the toilet

  11. Jade S says

    And we wonder why the oceans are polluted… this al makes it way there one day

  12. SunnySideUp says

    Have they realized that thats bad for the environment?

  13. DeGinger Levi says

    Azzy Let jordy read this
    Dit kanaal is zo fricking goed
    Zelf pewiediepie is slechter

  14. Jood Marzooq Mohamed says

    I dip my French fries in vinnila ice cream anyone do that?? Oh no one LOL

  15. Lil Toad says

    Hope I’m not late luv u <3333

  16. Kamrul Hasan says

    azzy… who is that?… did u leave jordy?…

  17. MistyGacha Fox says

    Did u know 143M dollars is spent on chocolate EVERY year (143$ every year) and 1000$ a day😰

  18. LolGamer25 PranksterGangster says

    Azzy Do You Play
    Mobile Legends Bang Bang

  19. Hello Goodbye says

    Honestly I feel bad for the people cleaning the sewers

  20. Wonder Beatrice says

    I once threw an empty toilet paper roll in the toilet and flushed it without even knowing it’s in there and it didn’t flush down so I had to put my hand in the toilet to take it out and I directly ran to the sink and washed my hands and took a tissue to pick the toilet paper roll up and throw it away. Gross…..😰😰

  21. Itsfunneh Fan says

    Azzy said she dips her chips in England / frenchfries for other country’s I don’t I dip it in barbecue sauce

  22. Jessica Ludik says

    Nothing was there when you said lik was in the subscribtsin

  23. Nate Chatterton says

    Why did you collab with a crazy person?, just joking. Did these people have a slow day?, it's like I have a day off and have nothing to do. Oh wait I can flush thing down the toilet. Thanks brain 👍. I did enjoy the video but it's pretty much board people trying to have fun.

  24. Wolfdog Media says

    YOU ARE pOLLUTInG ThE SeA and The EaRtH 🌍

  25. Flipping Ash says

    Please shout me out in your next video I love your videos and I would love if my name is in one love you azzy

  26. Aatreyee Sinha says

    Humans: Quite satisfying 😳

    Earth: Not environmental friendly 👿

  27. Charlotte22345 says

    Do more videos with him please!

  28. vahanick edjourian says

    I love azzy's vids

  29. bowser.jr_08 ! says

    I didn’t see the thumbnail in the vid

  30. Mary Purvis says

    just watching the food go down the toilet kills me i cant watch this video anymore sorry

  31. Джошуа волисын says

    🤣🤳🏼 hahahahaha. It looks like diarrhea

  32. Ruth Clark says

    2:08 they turn green because there are both green and blue mixed in so when the colors mix there might have been slightly more green and blue colors mixed….•‿•

  33. Fire Breathing Moon Beam says

    6 minutes if people killing the environment and their toilet

  34. Kirra Elf Lee says


  35. Peter Sossen says

    I love slime

  36. Joy Kitten Loves Cats says

    Now I know what would happen if I spilled my whole fridge of food into my toilet also, now this is happening in some house

    Mom: Honey what are you doing with all that food in the bathroom?

  37. ii_Lol says

    I dip my fries in ice cream sundae.
    If you havent tried that yet…
    I dont think youre even human so…

  38. ELLEIRA Francisco says

    The outro is just sooo cuteee
    i love it

  39. The Weston Family says

    Are u two saying because u two would make such a cute couple!

  40. Stacey Tomljenovic says

    Hes crazy

  41. Legit Glitches says

    Complete idiots..

  42. Julia Mangnall says

    This is weird


    My Mysophobia attacks everytime the guy is putting his hand in the toilet..

  44. Krystal Low says

    I was scrolling through the comment hoping to not find ppl saying "your wasting precious food and resources!"and luckily there isn't

  45. Fun With Lukas TV says

    Azzy : I don’t like soggy food :c

  46. Elene Khazhomia says

    Izzy land what’s the name of music you use in the end?

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