Women Eat Like Zendaya For A Day

Women Eat Like Zendaya For A Day
That’s when I found out Zendaya was a vegetarian and that this was gonna be hard for me.” Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for …

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  1. Brittney Hafner says

    I get some of the stuff isn’t things they would normally eat or whatever but god they don’t need to complain about everything

  2. ella says

    Destinee: I hate vegetables
    Also Destinee: I LOVE carrots

  3. Lady Liberty says

    Anyone else want to work there cause I'm so down to work there just to do the food challenges and the work seems so relaxed and stuff but I love the videos

  4. Sally Anne says

    Women Complain about eating like Zendaya for a day.

  5. Sally Anne says

    Bit annoyed at how ungrateful they were and also how they literally hate everything besides Taco Bell. Like why do they choose the pickiest eaters 😒😒😒

  6. TheBookCover12 says

    All the food looks good tho. Not sure why they dislike it so much. Only the tofu teriyaki looks a lil bland but u can just add more sauce.

  7. First_Name Last_Name says

    I don't understand how a full grown adult can hate vegetables that much.

  8. First_Name Last_Name says

    I wonder how Alaina's date went.

  9. Carlie Miller says

    Wow people! I just went vegetarian for a week! It was soooooooooo easy and if my parents would let me I'd be always vegetarian! Veggies are not awful! I mean I can still eat ice cream….it's a lot easier than it seems

    And btw….no such thing as Zendaya having a flaw!

  10. Samiam munoz says

    what do you eat if you don’t eat vegetables
    like just meat???

  11. Lila Twyx says

    They are grown-up women…

  12. Whit S says

    Destinee is unbearable and hella immature. Casting her in a “try new things” video was clearly someone’s idea of a joke.


  13. margaritakmp says

    Literally what does a person on a health kick eat if not vegetables? Just meat and fruit?? idgi

  14. Vesran says

    disliking vegetables isn’t a personality trait, it’s a hate crime

  15. V S says

    theres also 0 percent chance that zendaya is eating this, and if she is its one or two bites max

  16. M A says

    Honestly people who don’t eat veggies are super immature to me

  17. The Pepperoncini says

    You’re an adult. Grow up, stop being picky and eat vegetables. jeez. Being a picky adult is not cute.

  18. Anshul Puri says

    Expensive lol

  19. Hope Moore says

    Was not expecting the try guys to still be on buzzfeeds wall 😂 but if they’re still on good terms 🤷🏼‍♀️

  20. jennTwaambo says

    Adults complaining about fruits and vegetables for a full episode. Hilarious.. Smh

  21. Ooppp Sister says

    These comments whining more than the girl like shut up it’s not that serious lmao

  22. Melissa Cara says

    The breakfast and lunch looked so good! How can grown women be so picky? It's not cute or funny to be picky and not like vegetables. The only thing that looked gross was the Taco Bell and they loved it.

  23. April says

    Y'all signed up for this challenge and didn't know she was a vegetarian???…lol.

  24. lifeofshilpa says

    Who doesn’t like potatoes?!?!?!

  25. Chelsea L says

    Could you have picked the worst people to try a vegetarian diet or what? The food looked amazing and I’m not even vegetarian

  26. Tea Leaf says

    healthy kick…. "I hAtE VegGies"

  27. Annaea pompeia says

    Health kick…but no veggies rt?

  28. Mae says

    ???? it's just vegetable curry??? i don't like vegetables either but it's not like day ruining

  29. x8Sophie says

    This channel is really going downhill with these videos of people who just complain. Like these dishes look DELISH

  30. Amelia Chesebro says

    This was a great day of eating yall have terrible taste in food

  31. Gabriela Medina-Marrero says

    Imagine being that old and that unadventurous with your food tastes.

  32. Madison Buechter says

    idk i feel like vegetarians should have been in this video????

  33. Taylor Garner says

    It’s crazy to me how little people know about diets

  34. Anxrch says

    Bro that omelette made me wanna die

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