Women Get Bollywood-Inspired Makeovers

Women Get Bollywood-Inspired Makeovers
Three South Asian women get makeovers inspired by their favorite Bollywood icons. As/Is Boldly has changed its name to As/Is–don’t worry, it’s the same …

Source As/Is
  1. Fire Wings says

    I just agree with what Sanjana said ! She just look like Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani! She is just gorgeous !

  2. Shiori Chan says

    All of em look like Queens

  3. sprakful says

    N Bollywood is inspired by Western makeovers.

  4. James Beemer says

    Oo look at you 😍 !!

  5. Anmol Merban says


  6. Nima says

    Swasti got nothing to be concerned about, her waist is snatched! Curvy South Asian beauty ❤️

  7. Loretta Posey says

    You three ladies look amazing

  8. Sweta Rath says

    I got that IKEA carpet at home 😅😅

  9. Gacha Potatoe says

    Nina looks like jasmine

  10. tanishqa Tiwari says

    Proud of my country

  11. Anna Holmes says

    Nina looks like Jasmine!! 😂😂

  12. Mamta Patel says

    Nina was looking so cute and beautiful .

  13. Vaanie’s amvs says

    Nina looks like jasmine from Aladdin

  14. Shahid Ali says

    Bad dressing..no makeup sense at all

  15. Shahid Ali says

    Bad looks

  16. Prapti Samaddar says

    Nina looks like Jasmine

  17. D Calhoun says

    black women get a traditional African makeover

  18. Ria Rayappan says

    Plssss make more Bollywood-styled themed videos!! #desi

  19. lubaba jasmin says

    Hands down shes literally looking like jasmin

  20. Jennifer Lopez says

    Yoooo swasti yasssss

  21. Jade Welch says

    Is it just me who thinks Nina’s outfit is inspired by Princess Jasmine? The colour, 2 piece. They even did her hair the same!! But it’s more how Jasmine should’ve looked in the original lol.

  22. Jade Welch says

    These women were naturally beautiful without makeup in the beginning!! I love how big their eyes looked. I wish my brows were as bold as theirs, it properly frames their eyes. The outfits are STUNNING!! All the intricate work in them.

  23. Miss Deerstalker15 says

    Nina looks like a gorgeous modern Princess Jasmine at a royal event😘!

  24. Heranya Padma says

    dosen't nina look abit like jasmine

  25. Jasmine Boyle says

    Nina looks like jasmine out of Aladdin but more pretty x

  26. Kris Degs says

    Minaaaa loook likee Jasminneee!!!

  27. Deepalidraws says

    Bipasha Basu? Seriously?

  28. Poulomi Sharma says

    I wish I could be Nina because I love Bollywood fashion and I'm a die-hard fan of Disney and OMG she looks like an Indian Jasmine Princess.

  29. nichole kock says


  30. Nazia Khan says

    Very tacky dresses , not Bollywood standard.These are road side dancers outfits not Bollywood stars outfits 😝

  31. Ayesha AJFZ says

    1:58 lmao relatable 😂😂😂

  32. Shivani Dhayalan says

    anyone Else noticed one of Deepica Mutyala's Sister's pre wedding outfits at 3:04

  33. Sabera Mehnaz says

    Ladylike should dress like Bollywood stars in one episode.

  34. cataa mardones says

    Nina should wear something like that for her wedding

  35. Paige Herrmann says

    They look so pretty and confident!!

  36. Pri Naicker says

    Nina be looking like princess Jasmine

  37. sarah jenkins says

    My boyfriend is Indian and I'm white I'd love to shock him and show up like this one day

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