Women Get Snake Venom Facials

Women Get Snake Venom Facials
I’ll try anything once, if it doesn’t kill me I’d probably try it twice. 20% off of all product purchases sitewide at sonyadakar.com, if you use the code BUZZED.

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  1. GOT7trash Jjp says

    Kinda late but Kelsey reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence

  2. Caroline Childers says

    But Kelsey you're already gorgeous

  3. Itzurgurl XD says

    Botox is poison too

  4. Maggie Mae says

    Woman dont need this so why do they take it from a snake when its not needed

  5. Isabella Oliveira says

    It looked better before….

  6. Azra Serifler says

    If I saw Kelsey's photo in the thumbnail in tinder I would swipe right

  7. The Fatties says

    I love Kelsey😂

  8. Chikatoe says

    Literally everything could be a facial

  9. avocados from mexico says

    I see kelsie. I click

  10. Big Chungus says

    The thumbnail is actually everything 😂😂

  11. Mionna ! says

    Kelsey Doesn’t Even Have To Change Anything She Is Already Very Beautiful. JUST LIKE JENNIFER!🤷‍♀️😘😄

  12. Jamie Edwards says

    The dark haired girl looked full on dead after

  13. Olivia Clark says

    Who else feels the sadness and despair when they have to get up from the relaxing facials

  14. Chunji천지 says

    Oh hoh

  15. Room 101 says

    More like snake OIL facial. How much make up were they wearing for the "after" pics and video? I feel like they use different lighting afterward, too.

  16. Chrissy Bruh says

    Is that you?
    Black lagoon??
    Just me?

  17. Gavin Burnes says

    I want one so badddddddd 😩😩😩

  18. Maggie Baker says

    They are uglier

  19. Ashe Ketchup says

    lmao the snake on the thumbnail isn't even venomous it was a constrictor, the exact opposite of a venomous snake

  20. b u n n a e n a e says

    Mnet has a new facial product guys!!

  21. Via Thomas says

    The woman doing the facial looks like petras Mum from Jane the virgin 😂😂

  22. SergeantPugsly says

    I love snakeys!

  23. julie says

    erika costell has her own product

  24. raachellbaaby xoxo says

    but i just seems like it sucked the life and color out of their faces, like they look like that old woman when theyre done. you can tell she does it lmao.. and she was really rough with them lol i think anyways

  25. Icchya Tamrakar says

    Kelsey looks like orochimaru with her make up on in this video😂😂😂

  26. Cathrin Mahaffey says

    Way to use a non venomous snake in the thumbnail.

  27. Kimmy Kim says

    Before looks better than the after though..

  28. Sarah Divina says

    The lady sounded Asian

  29. Faisal Al-Yahya says

    Next.. Woman Try Horse Sperm Facials for the First Time!

    Like if you agree!

  30. teenage mutant ninja rat says

    Oh god I love the thumbnail!!

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