Women Get Their Boyfriends’ Beards

Women Get Their Boyfriends’ Beards
You look like my uncle.” Check Out BuzzFeed On SnapChat Discover! – http://bit.ly/1NG8LV3 Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!

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  1. hanh lam says


  2. Hanh Lam says

    Updated kitchen

  3. Monideepa Ganguly says

    Somehow I have a thing for this kind of beard. Im so attracted to men beards… I love my BF with his beard and moustache and never feel anything annoying or a hair in my mouth or pricky

  4. Hamzah says

    1:45 Aquaman is that you?

  5. Hamzah says

    Branden without a beard looks so much like Bryce from 13 Reasons Why!

  6. H B says

    0:41 She looks like Micro from the Punisher with that beard

  7. gespin gondula says

    Shouldn’t be called a beard if you shave it to line with your jaw 💀

  8. FatalJapan says

    Ya'll need some beard oil

  9. Hi Jack says

    1:33 Jesus …is that you?

  10. Nice Nicety says

    What if all women grew beards and most men couldn't?

  11. Francis Clancy says

    As/Is is a buzzfeed channel right? If so why is it any and all of these videos that are about beards to me seem like are sending a message to men around the world to "never grow a beard because having a beard is not a good idea" ugh!.

  12. Avantii says

    You look like my uncle.

  13. 神秘德里克 says

    Why human don't have beard or hair soft as cat's fur

  14. Cherī Cherī says

    1:20 that sounded so fake like they added in the sound

  15. Stephen says

    "Okay I look like my little brother" 😂🤣

  16. amstevens23 says


  17. Opus Dei says

    Never ever in a million years would I shave my beard for no one. Luckily for me my wife loves it.

  18. Noname says

    This video it's like: thumbs down for beards..
    Yeah, not really appropiate idk..

  19. Big Blue says

    I swear one of them look like Jim James

  20. ? says

    I love that this was done XD

  21. Richard Nelson says

    Made me think a little a bout how my beard affects the women i know.

  22. Caelum Manestar says

    a woman with a beard.. sexy

  23. Elaine Atkinson says

    I find it really sad that they don't seem attracted to their girlfriends anymore once they get a beard .-. Like they would break up with them over something small like that

  24. Bea Loves x says

    you almost look like a lion……..roar

  25. Katie Bon says

    Its disgusting kissing someone with a beard and it always smells bad

  26. San R says

    I feel that 10 years old child would have better ideas for content that you guys..

  27. Big Ears Tv says

    Jesus Christ! 😂

  28. Shelby A. Leonard says

    This is how is feels to be a closeted lesbian.. Just saying..

  29. Sarah Ow says

    Hahaha I would really want a makeup artist to do the fake beard on me just to make me prank people.

  30. Benjamin Forney says

    They look sexy.

  31. James Coffey says

    I'll trim mine. I'll start conditioning my beard.

    Give me a break. Neither of them offered to go clean-shaven if their girlfriends wanted. Way to go the extra mile, boys.

  32. Rina Newman says

    900th comment! So early!😂

  33. Flowered Sentiments says

    they loo like amish people with that beard lol

  34. Maja Mia says

    "You look like my uncle" 😂😂😂😂

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