Women Get Their Eyebrows Tattooed

Women Get Their Eyebrows Tattooed
“I’ve been waiting to hear that my brows are on fleek my whole life.” You Do You is back: Bigger, Better, Violetier! Buy it now!: https://bnc.lt/m/ZVdrhAYkyu Shot …

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  1. samuel angel says

    Looks good how much ?

  2. Sol Paz says

    That music in the beginning sounds like an unsure decision about getting eyebrows tattooed

  3. Darfo says

    They Look the same

  4. R.C.B. says

    Stooopid, now they all look angry

  5. Mr. Candid says

    My girlfriend did this before I met her. I thought it was a little weird when she told me. But, I don’t really care. She is beautiful.

  6. WGoga Wolas says

    check at 2.55 min different shape eye make up before and after 😀

  7. Pinki Dewan says


  8. kim davBG says

    Yeah, my eyes have a frame again!!

  9. BeautyQueens 101 says

    That’s not tattooing that’s micro blading

  10. Marty UwU says

    Yall did this to Freddie and now her brows are green 🤧🤧

  11. kang aru says

    Dang Freddie from Ladylike should have come here. Because that lady did her wrong.

  12. Clover Swaby says


  13. L.Roy says

    Finally … a new thing to make young woman feel guilty… and spend some money. What are they going to do when fashion goes back to a fine line like 1985?

  14. maria sanchez says

    Aren't tattoo. Are microblading

  15. Sue Smith says

    Not one of these ladies needed this procedure , why oh why won’t they show ladies with little to no brows ( like me ) getting microblading 🤷‍♀️❗️

  16. Unique Investor Concepts says

    Well done🌸

    How often does one hv to re-tattoo?

    Hv a friend who wants it done
    He has thinning eyebrows with gray hairs,
    when he plucks them out, not much brow left.. any info I can share with him?
    and how to maintain the tattoo brows from graying? Ty ☺️

  17. Elsie Jones says

    This is cool and all but just wait until eyebrows like this go out of style and then they're stuck with them

  18. Quelaire says

    My eyebrows are so sparse I hate it and I need that eyebrow tattoo

  19. Charlotte Adler says

    Anyone notice that at 1:53 she didn’t have a marker on the brow she was doing and then two seconds later she did

  20. whatever _ says

    But what's scary is that tattoo is obviously permanent and eyebrow styles keep on changing like once thin brows were a thing and now it's all about thick ones so what if trend changes (which I mean it ofc will)

  21. yo mama says

    Imagine they were zooming in on your eyebrows and you just had a huge unibrow

  22. Ronald Cheng says

    That's so rather quick!

  23. Melody M. says

    My mom got her eyebrow tattooed in Iran, where I’m from

  24. Pursuit Your Dreams says

    Is this permanent and what's the cost

  25. My mom is doing this I hate it

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