Women Instagram Like Fashion Bloggers For A Week

Women Instagram Like Fashion Bloggers For A Week
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  1. felicity johnson says

    So I was making a dream board and using old seventeen magazines..and I couldn't get over the thought that I had seen Miss. Sheridan elsewhere.. just figured it out. 💕

  2. Taxie says

    maggie is soo relatable 2:32

    shes so cutw and pretyy too😁

  3. Vaibhav Sinha says

    Follow her on Instagram- thewardrobecrave

  4. Del Templeton says

    Y’all are so beautiful

  5. 川畑徹 says

    Damn Sheridan was salty that day lol I got a "I'm better than you because I'm basic" kind of vibe from her (which I never got cause usually she's so lovely)

  6. Mia Jones says

    Almost at 10mil!❤️

  7. im a teacup says

    Everything for me is just an excuse to find a great pic of myself. I have a great pic of myself on my computer but have no idea where it came from or how it ended up there. 😂🤔🙈🙊😲

  8. Lilliana Rose says

    I’m dying at the intro IM SORRY I THINK THESE PEOPLE ARE FUNNY cause I said the same thing on another video

  9. Raven. H says

    Such amazing and beautiful women.

    My compliment to you…..

  10. Jazmin Farkas says


  11. Jazmin Farkas says


  12. BriMe : says

    What was day3?

  13. Digital content creator pffffttt yeah sure that’s a job

  14. Scaxredx. says

    I use Instagram to post XXXtentacion photos…

  15. Annie Cham says

    omg JENN i was not expecting her omggg what a nice surprise :)))

  16. Maria Muñoz says

    I only use my Instagram for BTS. The people I only follow is BTS and ARMYs. Like da you ain’t gonna see any nature or celebrities photo expect for BTS . That’s all I use for my Instagram.

  17. Bewee BW says

    my selfies are just..poop.

  18. Produce 101 :D says

    The pine one shot was pretty cool, but can you imagine walking into work one day, seeing your coworker standing half naked, without a bra, and posing for a Instagram photo in front of the bushes?😂

  19. Dana Marie S. says

    the title of this video gave me a stroke I really had to read it 10 times to get what it was tryna say lmfao

  20. 4ocloxk says

    It must be easy to be an instagram model if you are pretty

  21. grandegraphics editing says

    that one girl needs to clean her camera

  22. Wallflower * says

    That hufflepuff scarf though

  23. Eliza Jane Aitken Curran says

    Kuwilileni is my spirit animal ❤️🐾

  24. Kiera Theresa says

    I like how Jen mentioned the moment you're stressing over an Instagram picture or can't get things right just stop cause it's not that serious lol I was expecting her to say she'd bend over backwards for the perfect selfie lol

  25. Felicia Okaii says


  26. Noiz _Sarah_ says

    "It doesn't matter if you only have 40,000 or 90,000 followers…."
    looks at my instagram
    I got 10 XD

  27. Megan Harris says

    Is Sheridan married

  28. Uniphie's Universe says

    Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU (like, why are you on buzzfeed tho)

  29. Avoolo Avoolo says

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  30. Justina s says


  31. min isabella says


  32. Asma Siddiq says

    Maggie is so cute I'm crying

  33. re re says

    2:20 video start
    You welcome😅

  34. Naomi Nathalia says

    JENNNNNNNN ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Maritime says

    kuwilileni is really photogenic

  36. iwillkillyouamanda says

    Omg I love jenn

  37. Victoria Manning says

    Sheridan should be a model she's so pretty!

  38. Rach Linni says


  39. Urpupdixie says

    I use VSCO a lot

  40. Manel Bertrand says

    Fork suspend departure wire around until stem conflict shirt everyone previously.

  41. Jonahair says

    The dog lady has such a beautiful calming voice

  42. Jonahair says

    This girl is really wise?

  43. Jordan McAlister says

    why are the women of buzzed so whiny

  44. Aamee Ouga says

    I'm looking for BuzzFeedYellow.

  45. Dana Korkola says

    Honestly these girls are all goals af tho so it's easy

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