Women of Color Try Drug-Store Foundation

Women of Color Try Drug-Store Foundation
“I feel like I’m preparing to go into battle to be honest with you.” Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It’s the same content you know and love …

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  1. Batool Ayaz says

    Guys I cringed so bad when that girl used that Brush 😬😬😬😬
    It’s a paintbrush😵😵😵

  2. Hannah Poynter says

    Literally Put on urban decays new white highlight concealer that is actually white… it matched me

  3. Ceptom MUA says

    I find it hard to believe pale people are unable to find a shade literally Kat Von d’s shade goes white like like a white t shirt white.

  4. Ava Ava says

    I'm not trying to sound mean but the Asian girl is like no has noticed my makeup so I will go ask. It is like do you have a life and people don't care about how you look and plus if they did notice they would not come to you and say your face looks darker 😂. Personally, drug store makeup is not bad and anything takes time. You have to keep looking until you find the right shade

  5. Gladiator IHM says

    Regina is in spy ninja

  6. Jenny wren says

    Did anyone else noticed that Regina is literally from spy ninjas and she's on here bro I thought you was getting chased around by hackers I'm calling her who else watches them they're the best even though it's like a skit we're going to pretend that's real oh my god I love Regina shout out to you you're literally all over my YouTube

  7. Haleigh Lindsay says

    It is not just women of color they just now started to cater to very fair skin….

  8. Bella and Moo says

    Drugstore foundation definitely comes in that Asian girls shade , sis if you think your looking pale put on little bronzer

  9. Tianna Hubbard S says

    Regina is from cwc

  10. ZeppelinFan_4221 says

    Girl what's a tan girl doing in this, like tf.

  11. Yee Kee Lim says

    regina are you from chad wild clay????

  12. Grace Shuttleworth says

    Who was shook that Regina from cwc was in this

  13. Maria Tippmann says

    I feel that the Asian shouldn’t be in the video because the Asian isn’t dark she’s light she’s not a person of color because she’s white and since I’m a African American I find this very offensive

  14. Angelica Angel says

    It’s Regina from CWC 😲😁

  15. Nielle Oliphant says

    Regina of cwc is in the video 0:23

  16. Hey regina why did u quit this job and went on a spy ninja hacker fake thing I fell so bad for u having to deal with all that and oh when is it ever gonna end

  17. Adore. Has says

    at 0:48 it looks like she have hickeys

  18. ankra12 says

    I am au natural 😁 no make up.

  19. Amxnda says

    i think the foundation would of blend in with her skin is she didn't use that paintbrush, just use a beauty blender.

  20. jordan pastry says


  21. Hello Hi says

    Regina from chad and vy

  22. Mariam Ahmed says

    Omg this is Regina aka pz4
    Sorry I had to say this
    From cwc btw

  23. Bella Boo 7 says

    Regina was part of Project Zorgo

    She was PZ4

  24. Kimete Ramadani says

    Is that regina from cwc

  25. Summer Sierra says

    Wow Regina! It's nice to see you in a different setting other than pz4 and the spy ninjas! Super pretty

  26. Skyler Waters says

    Those are my hickeys 🤣

  27. Alyssa Mariah says

    I cringe every time I see that paint brush

  28. ella says

    I’m a white person with tan-ish skin and a yellow undertone, I have never gotten a good match not even an ok match

  29. Taurus Girl says

    I’m pale and it’s hard for me to find my right shade.. so far everything is too dark lol

  30. Addy Schultz says

    1. That paint brush made me wanna jump off a cliff
    2. I’m darker than the lightest girl and I can find a shade

  31. Was she using a paintbrush or is it just me??

  32. Zoë Joenoes says

    My girl using a fuckin PAINT BRUSH to apply the foundation

  33. jmaknae edits says

    Am I the only one who noticed the girl with the lightest skin tone had hickeys or marks on her neck?

  34. Nuha Omar says

    I felt so bad for that dark skinned girl 😭

  35. Carolina -》 says

    1:27 then hunny dont get those Two different products and get some that might match your skintone

  36. 지민허벅지 says

    I doubt the Asian has a problem with finding a good match. She is like 5x lighter than me

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