Women Share Their Cheating Horror Stories

Women Share Their Cheating Horror Stories
Wild photos, unknown husbands, and more are revealed when these 4 women share their wildest cheating stories! Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR …

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  1. Fupii xx says

    I bet the girl with the red hair is a Taurus

  2. Lea Deuter says

    Could you ever forgive someone for cheating after you broke up, like just for your own piece? I got cheated on, of course we broke up but he is deeply sorry and regrets it so much and I wonder if we would ever be able to be friends or something like that in the future

  3. B.S. Bernasconi says

    Lol, I was a lover and was totally unaware of it until one of my friends told me: “do you know that X has a girlfriend right? And this girlfriend probably hates you”
    Not funny at all.

  4. Jessie Jones says

    3rd lady from CA has vocal fry

  5. No Name says

    My ex cheated on me, after i found out, i find other guy and left my ex for him. We still going out until now😂😂

  6. Eda Ö says

    Why am I watching this. Just met someone new and I’m just implanting bad things into my thoughts lmfao

  7. pastaman ia says

    6:55 kylo renS

  8. Aditi Singh says


  9. Noor abia says

    im from dubai… pretty sure no actual prince would have any relations with a girl like that coz theyre all bethrothed or married

  10. Tyler Mitzner says

    I feel the lady with her husband. I have had the opposite happen. The wife and I found out about each other.

  11. Camille Bagaipo says

    "Seeing for two to three years" Damn

  12. Jodi Lund says

    When they say once a cheater always a cheater there not lying my ex husband cheated more than I care to remember and since our divorce he has wanted to cheat on his current relationships with me. There never happy it's just about respect and these cheaters have none. Single and happy

  13. Ankle Cankle says

    Okay cheating is very bad, but if I was in that last situation I would've been a second girlfriend of that prince for sure!

  14. Irene Maria Thomas says

    6:39 At first I thought her pendant was a fresh tattoo..

  15. Sanjana Narayan says

    My first love of 3 years cheated on me with my favorite cousin and they are now in a serious relationship

  16. Maria Espinoza says

    I had dated this guy for 8 years and turns out for the last two he cheated on me with this girl and proposed to her instead of me.

  17. 5:04 lol proof women like players. Regular guys don’t even have two exes to have a threesome with and a current girlfriend. My question is how was she that clueless

  18. John Secret Spirit says

    I had a lot in high school,about a staff named Philip

  19. Naveeda Begum says

    10:49 see you never🤔that's A good one

  20. neelam sharma says

    I started dating my one of childhood friend. We were in long distance relationship. For 1 to 2 year everything was fine. Then he started ignore me. I was trying to fix everythin. But he was not putting any effort. I was sad, depressed and devestated. Then one of his friend informed me he is dating other girls. Now we meet recently i get to know he was sleeping with many different girlfriends while I was crying for him

  21. Turbo Bitch says

    The lady with the red hair is allergic to her necklace 😮

  22. Lupita Sanchez Lopez says

    I cheated but because I missed that person so badly. Yes i cheated and felt utterly disgusted so badly that almost committed Suicide. Yes am back with that person but we understood why I did it and how we can make a relationship better. But I agree with everyone else here. Cheating is disgusting so disgusting hat it almost killed myself

  23. Satisfied Enough says

    I was looking at you and you were looking at me what you thinking 2:06

  24. V3 Queen says

    Dated my ex for almost 3 years and there were red flags but I ignored them. We were still seeing each other for about a year after we broke up. Found out from a mutual friend that he was dating his “best friend” the one I told him “if you are dating her let me go and we go our separate ways”. He told me he wasn’t dating anyone and no one wanted to date him to which I kept trying to help and boost his ego. Also I convinced him to try having a chance with a girl in his religious group which lead our mutual friend to tell me that he was dating the other girl at the time. So I called the best friend told her we were still seeing each other for months and he kissed/crushin on the other girl. Not sure what happened between them but I ended it with him and deleted him from my life. I forgave him but I will never let him back into my life.

  25. jo huss says

    I'm not even gay but I feel so bad for especially the last girl. She was treating her like an object.

  26. Molly Payton says

    Can we please get Luanna's skincare routine?

  27. Siya Painuly says

    Love is a heartless bastard

  28. neatkitten says

    Lolz i laughed so hard sorry y’all 🤣💔

  29. Ava Skrumeda says

    Megan is so beautiful!!!!! And those dates sound amazing. But I’m so sorry that she got cheated on in a weird way. And the camel farm 😂!! And she was in shock!! 😂 but I feel so bad for her.

  30. SeanyBoy says

    what about men's cheating stories

  31. thepandalover0208 says

    Cheaters are disgusting

  32. Matthew S says

    That last girl was a sweetheart

  33. Fernanda Castillo says

    how can someone cheat on Michelle man?

  34. Lala Egal says

    while my ex and I were still together he lied to others sayin we aren‘t together anymore because I wasn‘t a „good girl“ like he thought. even tho I was 6473828% loyal. And during this time he often times acted like he was somewhere with his cousin. He even *SENDED ME PICTURES WITH HER*. Turnd out she wasn‘t his cousin. He was cheating on me with her. (she was 1 of 748838282 women)

  35. A. D. Gardenhire says

    Omg I laughed so hard. These are funny!

  36. Andy says

    Same thing happened to me… I was dating a guy who claimed he was 100% gay… And then next thing I know his wife (who lived in another city) contacted me thinking I was a girl and she flipped the tf out when I said I was his bf.
    He's now fat, balding, broke and single.

  37. Chitt CX says

    The girl with the pink splotchy chest isn’t allergic to her necklace. It’s a type of blushing (usually happens to people with fair skin tones).

  38. Black Daria says

    You weren't the homewrecker honey…the wife was 👀

  39. Yen Bui says

    This is so sad , but they seemed to deal with this so well! Such gorgeous ladies ❤️

  40. Kinlie Paulson says

    I found out that my ex was cheating on me on Facebook when he was tagged in a photo of him shoving his tongue down another girl’s throat. He denied it but in the comments the girl had a friend ask “who’s that” and she said “that’s (his name) I’ve been seeing for a while”. He then sent me laughing emojis after I screenshot it and sent it to him.

  41. selma winston says

    does anyone notice the redhead look like young Jaclyn hill? Just me?

  42. Kalee 7998 says

    Rachel is so sweet she didn’t even go through his phone up first she just looked at the screen and omg she melted my heart she was being so nice and she like just tried to be nice to her like OMG ISBUSNDH 🥺🥺

  43. Cassie Nat says

    All of my exes cheated on me and the girls were bashing on me but ended up marrying someone else and have kids with someone else 😡😡😡

  44. Artzie Gal says

    I had a boyfriend who tried to hook up with a friend of mine. She was in a relationship and he was trying to get her to cheat with him. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Looking back, I wish i remained calm and handle the situation differently instead of calling him and totally flipping out.

  45. Tania Reza says

    I wouldve stayes with the girl that had the guy in dubai, shoo $500 usd shirt he can be both our babbydaddies

  46. Saliah Dubose says

    Ya'll should've had them comment on how they got over it and how they're doing now. Give some of us who are currently going through it some hope

  47. Ah Bee says

    Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce. What hope is there for us mere mortals?

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