Women Share Their High School Horror Stories

Women Share Their High School Horror Stories
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  1. aishwarya yadav says

    I can relate to Lindsey's story on so many levels high school is going to end and I am gong through the same thing

  2. TK Jimsu says

    I'm Joyce. I'm not nice…😂👌🏽

  3. uuuultra ✔️ says

    The white chick is hot

  4. Grace Bej says

    Long story short I had to get a school-based restraining order on someone who used to be my best friend

  5. Savannah Ashley says

    I'm in highschool lol…

  6. Lele Mabry says

    i'm so happy I'm homeschooled lol

  7. Taylor Stark says

    Bruh I’ve never had these crazy stories lmao maybe high schoolers r chill now

  8. misslaura317 says

    HS blew. Kids are jerks. I wish I could go back & not care b/c they so weren't worth it! Also, it's cast* not casted. 😶 Sorry, that bothered me!

  9. Marcus Scott Balahari says

    Joyce please write a book of your writting

  10. me and everyone else says

    1124 pm lol

  11. ladygooglez says

    at 6:05 i was dying but low key same

  12. Finn the Ace says

    I once got called a d*ke by a substitute teacher in front of my entire English class, I wanted to be swallowed by the ground

  13. GothEvilButterfly91 says

    YES BUZZFEED! Keep these horror stories coming please.

  14. Andrea Smirle says

    lindsey is not necessary for this video, yet i felt like she had the most character count

  15. last chance says

    The way they are comfortable is making comfortable

  16. Dezerey Ortega says

    I use to be wholesome before I was a hoe .. lmao I fuckin love it!

  17. alisabagel7294 says

    I got into a fight with a very good friend of mine my junior (?) year of high school….we sat at the same lunch table with mutual friends. I dumped a thing of milk on her. She went to tell on me and i got a ticket for disorderly conduct. A few months went by, we became friends again, and my mom said she wasn’t allowed over unless she pays for half the ticket because technically it was her fault it all happened. (In my moms eyes 😂) we’ve been friends ever since, but, then, recently, when she slept with our other best friends boyfriend. She a hoe. And not even a good one. So now she doesn’t have any friends. Luckily she lives three hours away so we don’t have to see her around ever. We’ve been out of high school for 7 years now 😂😂😂😂

  18. Hannah Hedrick says

    Just gotta say I am SO into the whole sleepover theme and all these amazing women just chatting and swapping stories. ❤️

  19. ProPeace2014 says

    i see joyce and lindsay i click

  20. Nuha Telhu says

    Omg i hv joyce’s jacket

  21. Vanessa Porroa says

    I’m literally watching this at 11:20 am

  22. Classyweeb 2.0 says

    Dude, ok so I'm a sophomore, and at lunch today my friends and I went to get their food and we saw a girl sitting alone AND YOU ALREADY KNOW WE WENT UP TO HER AND SAID "hey come sit with us" and yeah, she's really cool, she's a freshman, she ended up helping my friend with her geometry and I was giving her a brief look at algebra 2😂

  23. Rahzel22 says

    My whole high school career after repeating grade 9 was me being exhausted half the time from taking care of my babies or just straight up not going cause I wasn’t in the mood

    If you put all the days together that I missed because of babies and/or family it would be about 4 months all together
    4 out of 10 months I missed

  24. Nandeezy Nessy says

    My advice is Be nice but don’t get attached with anyone. Have fun and enjoy your free loading last years. Trust me. Appreciate what your parents do for you before going to college. You’ll miss that a lot. Oh learn to do laundry and cook!

  25. Katrina Wagner says


  26. Magick Miiror says

    The best thing about highschool drama is none of it matters as soon as you graduate and you barely remember any of it and what you do remember doesn't even matter an ounce.
    So don't stress so much, younglings! This too, shall pass.

  27. Noelle H says

    the only thing enjoyable high school experience I had was graduating

  28. Lexus Sellers says

    Am I the only one who had a very uneventful highschool career, because all I did was read and listen to other people's conversations.

  29. Victor Garcia says

    Okay can we all talk about how iconic joyce is.

  30. clare sotka says

    i got rejected by my crush today 😗✌️

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