Women Share Their Tampon Horror Stories

Women Share Their Tampon Horror Stories
Have you ever tied a ring to your tampon string to hide it from your royal boyfriend? That’s just one of the crazy tampon horror stories you will watch in this video!

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  1. Touseef Ayaz says

    i got my period when i am 11y and having my periid and i want a friend like connie

  2. Max Leong says

    anyone besides me thinking of merle describing aria when she was talking about men wooing Sandy and *screaming at the top of their lung*? 😏😂

  3. fernanda fuentes says

    Merle's grandma needs to make a video of her stories

  4. Rosie Moore says

    My tampon horror story. I was in a big, prestigious school concert aged 17 and after being told we had 5 minutes to line up to go on stage, I ran to the bathroom because I was nervous and had to pee. While I was there I changed my tampon – well, so I thought. I’d entered the bathroom with a small, purple tube of equal size in each hand; a tampon and a lipstick. I looked down and realised that I was still holding the tampon… To make matters worse when I beared down and tried to birth the cosmetic only the lid came off at first, but I eventually did get it out and make it onto the stage. I was so overwhelmed and had to tell someone so in the line to go on stage I told the guy in front of me who I liked ‘I just stuck my lipstick up my vagina…’ and then of course we were ushered on and I couldn’t explain any context so for the rest of the concert he looked terrified of me.

  5. Sgt.NoPants says

    Damn I didn't watch the thumbnail carefully so I thought it was a popsicle

  6. Meme says

    😂😂😂 “ a cardboard tampon” 🤣

  7. alyisdead says

    I have one about my granma too, my mom told me this story because my granma doesn’t talk as freely and obscenely as my mom does to us, and I had gotten scared I was learning how to put in tampons. My mom tells me, “You better be careful, you don’t want to end up like Granma did.” And I asked her what happened, and she tells me, “Granma brokenthe string off one of her tampons and it got stuff up in there, so she couldn’t get it out. Then after 3 days she finally sucks in her embarrassment and pride and goes to a clinic to get it out.” My granma told the story to my mom when my mom had first started her period and only bought pads for her.

  8. AkaChibiness says

    I only use pads, but one time I had to use a tampon because I was going to a water amusement park and was on my period. Ive never had anyone explain to me how to insert a tampon. It ended up only going in half-way, I didn't know that a tampon was suppose to go ALL the way in 😂 It was probably soaking up the chlorine pool water 😵

    I think maybe it didnt have an applicator, so I wasn't able to push it in all the way? In any case, I'm still using pads but at least I know how to actually insert a tampon lol

  9. Eva L says

    I want the blond girl to be my best friend she is so dedicated – she would never hook up with your boyfriend for sure

  10. amal zuhair says

    I use pads #cantrelate

  11. sebongie says

    none of these are bad enough to scare me out of using tampons because i LOATHE pads

  12. Treasure says

    5:07 a true friend.

  13. FailenW59 says

    i was 6 when i got my first period. my mom explaining what a tampon was was the most horrifying thing on the planet to me. My six year old self was just like "I stick what in where!?!?!" It took me years before i was even willing to try one.

  14. Brianna B. says

    One time I went to change my tampon and pulled two of them out out of me. 😳

  15. Sofia Karjala says

    Got mine at 10.

  16. Lea Shimanek says

    Hi! I’m As/Is/ Buzzfeed/Boldly and I’m exploiting my producers and interns for Subs and Likes!!!!!!

  17. Starry Mixies says

    3:58 my school's fine with it, dafuq?

  18. Tyra says

    i reached the part of the video where the grandma went to spain and i literally forgot that this video was about tampons 😂😂😂

  19. Kristi W says

    9?!! Thats crazy, I don’t think I even knew what a period let alone a tampon was

  20. cis white male says

    Why didI I click this video..

  21. Sunshine Cootie says

    Second story: Epic! This is what best friends are for.
    Third story: 🤣🤣🤣 wow… reminds of a movie scene when a boy's dad died at war and hid his watch up his butt. Then his battle buddy, who delivered it, hid it up his butt just to give to the young boy.

  22. Shannon Stoy says

    I dated this guy for a few weeks. I was on my period and had a tampon in, I did tell him I was on my period. We started making out I was wearing a dress and he pushed my tampon deeper inside and the string was barely there. I freaked out and pushed him so hard he fell over.

  23. HeyitsTay Marie says

    Wait she just found one in a public bathroom eewwwwwww

  24. Reborn momma 129 says

    My grandma is names sandy and she has a dog named Merle. Wow.

  25. TheSilverHusky063 says

    And this is why we know Merle can be a model.

  26. Caitlin McKinney says

    Okay but Merle’s story was wILD from start to finish

  27. Tori516 says

    Ditched tampons a few years ago for cups, never going back!

  28. Devina Cazador says

    Ok but what does her grandmother look like

  29. Pink Unicorn says

    My horror story…

    I sneezed

  30. Yen Bui says

    Ah I can relate to so many stories >.<

  31. Nhi Angela says

    my story: i put on the tampon improperly and the tampon actually came off with the applicator but didnt check it and just threw it away. So yes, I walked around the whole day WITHOUT anything on (luckily it was 4th day so i didnt bleed much). And of course, it started leaking. I went to the toilet but there was no string (obviously) and i freaked out because I thought I lost the tampon INSIDE me. I stayed in the toilet for nearly an hour, checking myself, tried every way to take (nothing) out, even went on the internet to see if there is any possibility that it could be lost… then later i realized maybe I didnt put in anything in the first place… gosh it was so silly

  32. Yedidah Vergara Olivo says

    That grandma storie tho…life seemed to be so much more interesting back then!

  33. Miranda Angel says

    I'm 23 and if the tampon hurts I'm not dealing it, it's coming out lol if it even feels a bit weird. Even though it's less mess to use tampons haha

  34. Rosalinda Castillo says

    Omg getting your period at 9 is a nightmare!! Poor her, I can't even imagine that😭😭

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