Women Swap Hair Routines For A Week

Women Swap Hair Routines For A Week
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  1. Amaya the Brat!! says

    Her hair after she brushed it looks like my hair when I wake up in the morning before I revive my curls with water 😂😂

  2. softie says

    Man I wish I had curly hair cos then I would have the confidence to cut it short 🙁

  3. BunnyOfDeath ! says

    Megan: brushes her curls and has her hair become a massive frizzy circle

    the other girl: has slightly messy hair, : omg my hair is so messy what a disaster i wish i could brush

    lol no hate just thought it was kind of funny

  4. PoRkChOpZ 2530 says

    I just have to put this out there… Megan is fuckin gorgeous 😍

  5. Kevin Fox says

    "You're going to have to brush your hair" — out of context, that just looks like she thinks curly hair is just "messy hair"

  6. Samantha Wallitsch says

    People ALWAYS tell me that I look way better with straight hair nobody besides my family like my curly hair. I always wear it up because I’m self conscious and have no idea how to style it. So, DONT TELL PEOPLE THEY LOOK BETTER WITH STRAIGHT HAIR!

  7. Kaylin White says

    Anyone actually like the curly haired girls hair really big?

  8. This acc Is useless says

    having a mom with straight hair
    “are u gonna brush it”
    “you use way too much conditioner”
    “brush ur hair wet”
    “straighten it it’s so poofy”
    “why is it so dry?”

  9. Ryan Rose says

    When I was on the bus getting ready to go to school a girl brushed my hair and I looked like a poodle ( I have curly hair)

  10. sammy white says

    Anyone else come after watching her cancer video😭

  11. naima h says

    Came here after Morgan new video…. kind of sad but she is so brave!

  12. Person says


    Straight haired lady had no place to complain

  13. Be Amazing says

    2:15 When someone ask you why don't you brush your hair, show this image to them

  14. Julian Rivera says

    The curly hair girl is beautiful

  15. Mari Trujillo says

    I have long thick wavy/curly hair it sucks but everyone always says I’m lucky

  16. rattykatty says

    I wish I had curly hair😍

  17. india hughes says

    I get that it's a pain for her but when her hair is brushed her curls look so beautiful

  18. N TOTHE says

    lmao megan and that brush gave her an afro

  19. Safeyyah Darwish says

    Everyday, I get someone telling me to brush my curly hair :/ ITs not my fault it’s frizzzy and when I brush it , it grows to the size of Jupiter

  20. morena says

    having curly hair and brush it when they are not wet is the worst thing ever

  21. Sarah Granger says

    I have straight hair but it's so thick that it does the same thing that Morgan hair does when she brushes it

  22. Ellie says

    I brush my hair and wash it once a week, having thick curly hair is too much work. It’s not high maintenance it’s necessary. I could’ve never done this

  23. ankra12 says


  24. kiwi says

    I thought this was the video where Sarah and this curly haired girl switch but then I realized it was this other girl with non-curly hair and I'm like. Girl. Your hair is gonna get ruined. Goodluck

  25. Lorena Soto says

    I would have NEVER done that to my curls

  26. olivia jones says

    Tbh, the straight haired girl was very snobby and complained so much unnecessarily. She left the video complaining, and the curly haired girl left on a good not. I would much rather have straight hair and wash like I had curly hair than the other way around,

  27. rude doll says

    i can’t brush my hair it’s SO bad and fuzzy

  28. Iconic says

    “I didn’t really like my hair, so throughout middle school I just kept it up in a ponytail because i had no idea what to do with it” STORY 👏 OF 👏 MY 👏 LIFE 👏

  29. sophia rose says

    the curly haired girl looks amazing while it’s natural, while it’s straight, and while it’s heat curled! She’s gorgeous!

  30. sophia rosado says

    this breaks my heart because this video is before megan lost her hair

  31. Trisha Grigson says

    She has to at least comb through her hair in the shower while conditioning right?

  32. Nicc Crompton says

    Ok um Megan is beautiful

  33. Rakiya Montgomery says

    Don’t own a brush I have natural kinky and still brush my hair talk about not talking care of her hair

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