Women Talk About Sex On The First Date

Women Talk About Sex On The First Date
It takes two to tango. If you can talk about it, why can’t I?” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Jamdown …

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  1. Patrick Pepin says

    I would never take a woman serious as a potential longterm partner if i banged her on the first date sorry ladies. High value males dont do this.

  2. Desmora Aromsed says

    Second day I licked her butthole

  3. Nisar Ahmed says

    I'm no

  4. Tappa Tappa says

    PumP and DumP these hoes

  5. Daily Products says

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  6. Adel The Kid says

    The last girl is right us guys do get pressured to where if we don’t “score” we are considered losers in our minds

  7. sophia p says

    I️ met my boyfriend in high school 4 years ago in an elective class, 4 months ago we matched on tinder and hung out that night- I️ literally was expecting a one night stand but the unexpected happened 🙂

  8. ShadowHawk92 says

    Is that Asian girl from "the last Jedi"??

  9. Glinkling Smearnops says

    I guess they are thots and sluts, this generation of young women. Pity. I guess pimp and dump is the only strategy for dealing with them.

  10. Eric Michel says

    Sinners 🙂

  11. Scottish Clansman says

    Playing with fire and then if/when burned, they become the victim….smh….

  12. Jake Sanders says

    2:17 was the only honest comment on this topic

  13. Jake Sanders says

    0:13 yeeeaa… because he clearly wasn't looking for a long term relationship.

  14. Niranjan sam says

    1:11 madison ivy, is that you?

  15. gilang putra says

    And now all their friends know this secret.

  16. Anurag Pal says

    I have never touched or talked much to a girl around my age group.
    I am not gay
    but I always have a fear of rejection kinda stuff
    Can I get tips to get rid of this??

  17. Joseph Dunphy says

    Speaking as a guy … I most certainly have not been encouraged to go bedhopping. Not that I'd want to.

    News to Buzzfeed: the whole world is not California.

  18. Wicked Jester says

    Y'all are just proud sluts

  19. khristien Pennanen says

    The hold and scold. So funny. So awful

  20. yeehawtomahawk says

    Did you guys know that rumors only spread quickly at public schools

  21. bosgotnojams says

    Saf: I think that people should do what they want.


  22. Karmigam Ramaswamy says


  23. Ck Yao says

    Where do you find all these unattractive girls to talk about first dates wait nvm only thr far asian

  24. Jemso999999999 says

    that white girl is gross

  25. Charlotte Campbell says

    What does she think hooked up means? 😂

  26. Katharine Keo says

    “clearly I’m about it” -Kelsey

  27. Demon child says

    I hate buzzfeed agenda of trying to put men and women to the same standard. We are NOT the same and never will be the same. How many women will be okay with be okay with busting their asses at work all day while their men stayed home to cook and watch the kids. Or having to do manual labor while the man did nothing?

  28. Inferno Gaming says

    The channel name should be changed to BuzzFeedHorny

  29. Brittany 2H says

    My man and I slept together on the first date, we've been together 6 years and we get married in less than 3 months!

  30. Derek Johansen or something says

    chick at 1:13 is on meth…or something…

  31. do32jfe says

    1:15 Lol. You can't lose respect for them when you don't have any respect.

  32. Jeffrey D says

    To the girls who have asked me to use a condom even though they are on birth control….da fuq? We just french kissed and you can get hepatitis which will kill you faster than hiv!
    I would never use a condom anyway as long term effects of them on genitalia have never been tested. We survived 1.2 million years without them and I wouldnt take any unnecessary risks. Disease is actually more natural than latex…..true story….

  33. C. F. Turner says

    This isn't helping. Its best if you don't take this advice.

  34. kyle acunia says

    you nutty liberals

  35. Lee Tsui says

    Haha… that blonde's lisp!

  36. Lee Tsui says

    No, men would be just as bad.

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