Women Try A Vagina Lipstick

Women Try A Vagina Lipstick
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  1. It’s not That bad says

    You Glide very easily

  2. Daniel Whyte says


  3. jess jesse says

    , it all they want money ! Called commerce liars

  4. Lilianna Celsi says

    1: I didn’t get to see any vaginas 2:I’d like to see one in a video about vaginas 3:why is there even a ‘lip balm’ for your vagina anyway

  5. lolo’s spilt tea says

    why did that one girl have her flower shirt blurred the whole time?

  6. Riku says


  7. Livi Donohue says

    What if someone pulled this out of your purse and used it on their mouth

  8. Kristina Harlow says

    I wish they would’ve had women it’s actually marketed toward use it. It’s for people who struggle with dryness, itching, irritation, etc. on a regular basis, usually due to hormonal issues/changes. (Think menopause, cancer treatment, diabetes, birth control side effects…) It’s not really for the average woman on the average day, unless it’s just something you like

  9. itsjustsami says

    I feel like the blonde girl has every condition there is
    also, why are these videos so damn short?

  10. Chlørine Water says

    I did the lip challenge and now in stuck with hot dogs on meh face

  11. Lucy Goosey says

    Did anyone else think that this was vagina flavored chapstick and was wondering why tf they would make it?!

    No, just me? Ok I’ll leave

  12. Madison Elaine says

    lemme put my lipstick on
    oops definitely not lipstick

  13. Hi I'm Saturn says

    Oh, alright then.
    We have vaginal 'lipbalm'.
    Mmm hmm.

  14. RayJ _99 says

    2:22 why is her upper body blurred out ?

  15. hans müller says

    another ad for the beauty products industry … what's the message? Women must always work on their body, they are never perfect, there is always something do improve. Hey girls, relax, we guys want you to be confident and proud of yourself! "Ingrown hairs"? Who cares?

  16. figliad'italia says

    So…just use coconut oil. I'm telling you it does all of those without whatever else is in those.

  17. Virginia A says

    instead of focusing our time, money and energy finding cures for diseases… here we are inventing balm for vulvas lol

  18. Missy Reisinger says

    Damn it, Amazon… 💸

  19. Squirrel_Of_Mistri says

    Alright, but how is the shade range? I prefer a nice satin mauve.

  20. Bloody Qeen says

    Why? Vaginas have self lubrication function

  21. RukiahTaicho says


  22. Jadey Marshmellow says

    I thought it was a lipstick made out of vaginal fluids

  23. igglychu • says

    “I should put this all on a tinder profile cause people would be lining up to date me” umm hunny no they wouldn’t

  24. Maria Maria says

    Imagine finding this and thinking is lip product, and you put it on your lips…

  25. Lexie is fun says

    im eating and gagging at the same time

  26. Mareuz Saguiguit says

    I thought they were gonna smear their lips with vagina junk. Man am I messed up.

  27. Annie Jo says

    whos that girl with flashback

  28. Anonymous Hoe says

    Ummm…?? 😂😂😂

  29. Ruthee says

    A&D ointment after every shower/ shave. Cost just a few $

  30. Maya Giselle says

    So basically vagina chap stick?

  31. kayden dunn says

    Why am I hiding in the bathroom watching this? Oh right lol I hate people 😂😂

  32. Just Because24 says

    What is the point of this video if they don't update on how it works or doesn't work after a period of time? -.-

  33. Anthropologyscrapbook says

    This is exactly what i need! I always put on like polysporin for relief of dryness and skin irritations. This would be good for me.

  34. Erika 11:11 says

    I wanna try this

  35. Jocelyn Perea says

    why did they blur the floral shirt?

  36. booonicsyousuck says


  37. phebe palmer says

    “Chapstick for vulva”. Vagina is inside. This is also definitely not lipstick. Click bait asses

  38. Mylife Mollybrazier says


  39. Kendra Kuechle says

    Why the heck is one girl blurred out?😂

  40. Jannatul Jesi says

    What if they gave all the women the same vaginal lipstick? 😂

  41. Wonder Woman says


  42. Aly Lmao says

    That’s gross. You’re just getting the bacteria on the stick and when you go to use it again you’re just reapplying the bacteria which could probably infect ingrown hairs and god knows what else. I would be more pleased with the product if it was like in some little compact/container that comes with a washable applicator.

  43. Qubilah Jones says

    I’m willing to try this. Since I turned 40 my body is doing the most and not in a good way. Ingrown hairs are the worst.

  44. Alondra munoz says


  45. Sonya Crump says

    Ummm I'm sorry but what did I just watch

  46. Sky Shack says


  47. Illusive[Brick] says

    "I FEEL SWIFT…like a beautiful ballerina!!!!"
    I'm dead now

  48. Kim Kelley says

    FINALLY!! Thank god I have horrid hair texture so I always shave it off

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