Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Blush

Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Blush
Are you paying for the ingredients or the packaging? Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It’s the same content you know and love just …

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  1. Snodge Kat says

    And the packaging just ends up as trash in a landfill at the end, anyway. Waste of money to go super expensive.

  2. PsychoKitty사랑 says

    I own the first 8 dollar one and I love it

  3. Vicky Kulig says

    Honestly, Coulourpop is my favorite blush, it goes on smoothly and it makes my cheeks look nice and rosey, and it $8

  4. DECEMBER stroke says

    1:47 there has the brand name on mirror

  5. Margaret McKernan says

    then you have to compare price per blush. Elf it’s $2 a pan, smashbox $4.33 a pan, Tom Ford $39 a pan. I’d say first 2 worth it, tom Ford no

  6. lunac patootie says

    1:07 has me dyig

  7. RuthieBoo says

    I get breakouts from certain blushes and face products and the only one that works for me is the Too Faced Peach blush

  8. Claudia Méndez Alfonsín says

    For 80 dollars it better make me dinner when I get home.

  9. RuthieBoo says

    anybody else hate Lara?
    Just me ok

  10. Yasriel says

    Ok but what do they do with the products at the end of the video?

  11. Monica Riccio says

    I own the elf one lol

  12. cherry berry says

    Sheridan is so beautiful!!!

  13. lovethosebudgies says

    I've used the cheapie $5 Physician's Formula blush and it's great. Blush is something I don't feel the need to splurge on. Eyeshadows and lipsticks yes. An HG blush for me also is the Fyrrinae loose powder blush. A smidge goes a long way. Beautiful colors too.

  14. Anahy Velez says

    The Balm Cosmetics is a great middle-ground between Elf and Smashbox 🙂

  15. Amanda hutton says

    Did they just put the smash box blush over the elf 😲

  16. Marie Eshleman says

    I Love that Elf blush palette lmao

  17. I Love Musicals says

    I never spend money on mascara and blush, but I do on foundation and eyeshadow 😂

  18. Shelby Elizabeth says

    I would sell my soul for a compact that had Tom Ford compliment me every time I opened it.

  19. Rhythmic TT says

    i thought elf was expensive

  20. Rhythmic TT says

    i thought elf was expensive

  21. Alisha Joyner says

    Since when is 8 bucks cheap for me that is 2 bucks.

  22. Min Hee Hur says

    Can you guys do cheap bronzer vs expensive bronzer 💘

  23. PandsPenguins32 says

    its $6 not 8

  24. Olivia Thomas says

    I use Bitzy Blush and Bronzer Duo. That stuff costs me $2, is soft, pigmented for my tan skin, cute, and compact. I used to use the Elf palette but after using Bitzy the Elf just felt rough and unblendable.

  25. Emily Watts says

    This is such an original video buzzfeed has never done before

  26. Amanda B says

    did she just use a tissue to apply her blush? i'm offended.

  27. Yasmine Scheller says

    How did all these "makeup lovers" not recognize the brands?

  28. Grant D says

    Have women with oily skin try different "blur stick products," such as Milk, Drm Brandt, Philosophy, and the Estee Edit.

  29. Grant D says

    You know what's my ride or die? Dermablend. The price seems… Up there, but you often get a lot if product. Also, word of advice, buy the leg and body foundation. You get 3.4 oz for $33… That's drugstore price per ounce. Also their powder is like the MUFE, but you get more than twice as much and pay way less.

  30. Simone Rubin says

    The Milani baked blushes are amazing.

  31. Hannah Marie says

    Buzzfeed workers are trying to become beauty gurus and act like they know everything. Drugstore stuff can be awesome, you just have to find the right stuff. Sometimes you do get what you pay for but you dont need to spend hundreds of dollars on one full face of makeup

  32. Nixie The Pixie says

    I can't stand the elf blush. In fact, I don't really like most of elf's products, which saddens me. They're nice shades, I just found they didn't last half the amount of time my usual gear does.

  33. April Zentkovich says

    I pay $1 for my blush and it looks great. Thank you Dollar Tree

  34. Alee Ratnayake says

    How many times has this video been made again

  35. Ted Ehioghae says

    it is not good to makeup

  36. Potatocorns says

    Laura. 😻

  37. Another Human says

    Just liked it because of the compliment part 😂😂

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