Women Try Drugstore Foundation

Women Try Drugstore Foundation
I feel like I’m just on the hunt now for the perfect foundation for my face. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow GET …

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  1. Emmie Madar says

    Honestly this should have be titled women of color try drug store foundation because there is no drastic variation of color

  2. Ana Fdez says

    Honestly, and this is just me, I feel like finding a foundation that works is so not worth your tiiiime dude.
    Like I'm going to spend weeks and months and money just to find something that's going to eat my paycheck just so I don't look like myself. I'd rather spend that time becoming okay with my skin and rocking it for free 🤟

  3. Cantika Gaspersz says

    A lot of high end foundations don’t have exact matches for certain skin types though 🧐

  4. Mia Opperman says

    Why do you only have black women?

  5. spandan patel says

    If you want to find your shade.. Swatch it on your jawline.. Not on your hands.. 🙄

  6. Moon Slayer says

    Hope and faith don’t suit there name

  7. Aine Beam says

    when you first start to wear makeup buy drugstore items but when you get more into makeup spend more money on your most used items like concealer/mascara or if you want a really popular pallete for example the james charles palette

  8. Ava Danaei says

    tbh isn't this their fault for not finding their right shade????

  9. Shaayal Verma says

    US: oh Revlon, it's alright I guess cause its drugstore foundation
    Fiji: wow you use Revlon, that's amazing

  10. Hyma Patel says

    Drugstore make up is honestly amazing I don’t know why y’all are being so negative about it it’s great and not everyone has the money to go to a make up store
    I love the Maybelline fit me foundation that’s what I use every day as my foundation and it’s the best foundation I have ever used
    Like even beauty gurus like the drugstore foundations even they think it’s awesome so why do you have a problem with it
    And I don’t know about you but their foundation match really good with their skin so I don’t know what they’re complaining about

  11. 4cQuarian says

    As someone who isn’t financially blessed yet by ANY means, even id rather go to Sephora or ulta 😭 there’s always something off with certain drugstore foundations

  12. Leah M Gomez says

    They purposely chose women with a darker skin tone

  13. Carrie Krout says

    Ok, I’m a 14 year old white girl and the lack of options for darker skin tones still pisses me off 😤.
    Also, I feel like they were being excessively negative. Drugstore makeup is pretty bomb if you know how to use it.

  14. Ilovecats 88 says

    I wish people would stop getting so offended over shade names and ranges, if you don't like it then just get another brand, almost everyone has a hard time matching their skin. Black ppl aren't special lol

  15. Manila Synchrony says


  16. Belle Hill says

    The 'Misogyny is not cute' shirt tho ….OMDAYS what is wrong with the world 🙄🙄 I'm losing faith in humanity.

  17. Lily Semicolon says

    Pale woman have problems too.

  18. Friendly Neighbor says

    Jazzmyne looks sickly to me for the second foundation

  19. Kai Baker says

    Jazz is so annoying

  20. Symma :p says

    *WOoW, drUGsTOre foUNdaTioN?! How brave!!

  21. Reva Patnaik says

    Caity looks like Vanessa Hudgens

  22. Olivia and Neveah says

    Girl : it’s kinda ashy it needs a little more red to it
    Me: sjkskjsksk your funny😒

  23. Hooman 56789 says

    They are all being such negative bishes

  24. zoe lawrence says

    Omg come on. Stop hating on them. They are just making a video and just trying some foundation. Stop hating on the title and what they are saying about some stupid makeup. If y’all r this mad about it then don’t watch the video it’s that simple

  25. Aoife Moriarty says

    Negativity 101

  26. Caitlyn Valdes says

    I can understand some negativity, but that was ridiculous
    And this is coming from someone who never buys foundation from a drug store for skin reasons. I know the fit me foundation works on everyone i know but me. Come one, ladies

  27. Samira Kirim says

    Thank you guys for bringing attention to this, why is that women of colour have to trek to Sephora and spend $$$ in order to (A) obtain a good quality foundation in our tone and (B) be faced with actually variety. I don't even bother going to the makeup section at shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada anymore, it's honestly just disappointing and a waste of time.

  28. Clementine Green says

    they vcomplain because drugstore majke up on just bacoiclty light skin whers dark

  29. Clementine Green says

    you in comments so negtve bt same foundation so rude called me porcilen

  30. Eat Meat says

    Jazzymyne could have easily found her shade, she’s not that dark

  31. Madison Lutz says

    This video is racist like you couldn’t include a pale women. Being extremely pale like I am it is very hard to find a light enough foundation. Newsflash: Not only women with dark skin struggle trying to find foundation. They need to wake up.
    Thank you this has been a PSA.

  32. Molly With a K says

    I’ve never tried a not drugstore foundation. Which is a bit hard, as I’m pale as snow so I have to find something thats formula works with my white pigment, since most brands can’t get a good shade range 🙄. More ultra-pale and ultra-dark shade options, please.

  33. M00n_light16 says

    And the only thing they talked about was the shade..not even how it applies nothing.

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